The regrets left by all inclusive decoration

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Regret left by all inclusive decoration

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when decorating, because there was no good labor at home, the "all inclusive" was implemented. At the time of completion, although there was also a "acceptance" ceremony, and because he didn't understand the classics, he only looked at the surface without observing the inside, only looked at the big part without paying attention to the small part, only paid attention to the bright part without paying attention to the dark part. At a glance, he saw that the floor was shiny, the walls were white and shining, and the floor tiles were flat and bright, so he passed satisfactorily

however, after a short time, many places began to "alarm": the water pipe in the shower room was broken, and the tap for draining water was broken; The power socket is not easy to use, and there is also a problem with the toilet. There was no way, so I had to ask the property master to come to the house and replace what should be repaired and replaced. Not long ago, old sun on the second floor shouted outside the door, "Miss Wei, your water leaks into my house!" I hurriedly let him in and asked where the water was leaking? He said it was on the ceiling above the kitchen and bathroom. I said that there was not a drop of water in my house. He saw that it was true, so he had to call the property management company to send someone to check. Soon, a master surnamed Xia came to my house with a flashlight and checked several hidden water pipes. Finally, it was found that the water pipe under the washbasin was leaking, and the water slowly seeped below. Xia Shifu said, "this kind of pipe is the worst on the market. You certainly didn't buy it yourself." How can I buy it myself! At this time, I just woke up like a dream. The decoration team bought all the defective and treated products behind our backs. It seems that the day of "fire fighting" is still ahead




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