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Online guide: dormitory decoration the dormitory of Yanta campus of Xi'an University of petroleum has just been renovated and let students live. Recently, students living in Yanta campus of Xi'an University of petroleum have returned one after another and found that the dormitory has just been renovated,......

dormitory decoration

recently, students living in Yanta campus of Xi'an University of petroleum have returned one after another and found that the dormitory has just been renovated, and some dormitories have just been renovated. Due to the smell in the dormitory, many students had no choice but to live in nearby hotels, and some slept in the laboratory


the dormitory has just been renovated. College students live in the hotel

at noon on September 3, a netizen posted a Weibo saying that the decoration of the student apartment on the Yanta campus of Xi'an University of petroleum began in July, saying that it was completed on September 3, and the students were allowed to stay on September 4. At present, the hotels around the school are full, and students are afraid to check in because of excessive formaldehyde

according to the photos posted on Weibo, the floor of the corridor of the student dormitory is covered with dust, and there are some construction items in the corridor. In addition, some toilets and dormitories have not been decorated yet

in the afternoon of September 4, parents of students also called the China business daily to report the same problem. The parent said that her child was a graduate student at Xi'an Petroleum University. On the afternoon of the 4th, when she went to school to see her children off, she found that the pungent smell in the dormitory was so strong that it was impossible for adults to live at all, so many students stayed in nearby hotels together. Her children were arranged to live in a dormitory building in the South Campus of the school, with 10 children living in one room, and the conditions were very poor. The parent believed that the school had made major mistakes in accommodation arrangements. If students were poisoned in the new dormitory, the school would be held responsible

there are two newly decorated dormitory buildings, one for boys and one for girls students:

some people are arranged to other campuses

some people also live in laboratories

on September 4, the reporter of China business daily contacted Li Yun, a graduate student at Yanta campus of Xi'an University of petroleum. Li Yun said that the students of the second and third year of graduate school were going to return to school on September 3, and they had to change their dormitories after reporting. However, due to the new decoration of the dormitories, many students did not return to school on time. To this end, the graduate school issued a special notice that the students of graduate school 2 and graduate school 3 must vacate their original dormitory before September 6. In addition, you must register and pay a fee before the 9th, otherwise it will be handled according to relevant regulations. Students who have doubts about the accommodation conditions of the dormitory can apply for check-out or apply for leave according to their own conditions

Li Yun said that there are two newly decorated dormitory buildings, one for boys and one for girls. Most of them are graduate students. Recently, many students asked the teacher whether they could check in the dormitory. The teacher replied that the school could not check in without notice. But at present, there is a lot of smell in the dormitory, and no one can live at all. Moreover, the girls' dormitory is still under construction. There are often men walking in the dormitory, and they dare not live. The school arranged 200 or 300 people who had no place to live to the south campus, and many students paid their own money to live in hotels. Some college students with laboratories simply lived in the laboratory. But now the students of grade one have not come to report for duty, and there will be more people then

building materials are piled outside the dormitory building


some workers said that the construction would take a few days

at about 3 p.m. yesterday, the reporter of China business daily came to the Yanta campus of Xi'an University of petroleum and saw that there were still many building materials piled outside the two dormitory buildings, and several workers were delivering things to the dormitory building. A construction worker said that it would take several days to finish it in the dormitory building

the reporter of China business daily observed outside the dormitory building and found that only a few students entered and left the dormitory building. Later, the reporter entered the boys' dormitory on the excuse that his brother lived upstairs. Although some of the dormitories were painted, the smell in the dormitories and corridors was still great. Some dormitories and toilets were under construction, and only a few students were cleaning in the dormitories

according to the photos in the girls' dormitory provided by Li Yun, there are still many construction tools piled in the corridors on the fifth, sixth and seventh floors, workers are still working on the seventh floor, and some of the decorated dormitories are also in a mess, full of construction waste

helpless, students can only wash the ground with water after cleaning. A dormitory manager said that in fact, now the dormitory is OK, but it tastes a little big

the reporter of China business daily visited several hotels near the school and found that many young people dressed as students went in and out of the hotel. The reporter randomly asked several of them, most of whom were students of Xi'an University of petroleum. A hotel owner said that since the beginning of school, many students have come to stay in the hotel. It is said that the dormitory has just been decorated, and there are fiveorsix people living in some standard rooms

on September 4, the reporter of China Business Daily called the Publicity Department of Xi'an University of petroleum. A staff member said that the Yanta campus of the University was indeed being renovated during the summer vacation. This time, there were not only student dormitories but also faculty dormitories. As for the impact of the newly renovated dormitories on students, she was not very clear and did not notice the online information, so she needed to know with the relevant departments before replying. But as of last night's press release, the other party has not replied




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