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The use classification and main functions of the list of testing and measuring instruments

Abstract: before selecting special instruments, it is necessary to understand the classification of testing and measuring instruments. There are more than 700 large and small steel trading companies in the city, and the list contains different kinds of testing and measuring instruments you want to know

list of testing and measuring instruments

class I special instruments: judge and analyze according to the needs of various industries. There are a wide variety of special instruments. Among them, environmental measurement, electrical measurement, industrial measurement, optical measurement and pressure measurement are also concerned by the industry. There are many categories of force meters, flow meters and other instruments of Ningbo green Mobil New Material Technology Co., Ltd. Tongchen is suitable for the needs of industrial production. There are also different types of electronic scales, machinery and equipment, which are among the special instrument products and have more extensive characteristics of quality evaluation. As a large category in the list of characteristic testing and measuring instruments, in each small category, there are many practical tools, such as thermometer, multimeter, etc., which can be used in many ways, and the design of professional applications is the basic condition for the function

the second type of measuring tools, which can realize accurate measurement in the actual application process, has many characteristics. At the same time, in the practical application, it can have more detailed functions and highlight the practicality. Caliper, micrometer, dial indicator, etc. are widely used. In the list of testing and measuring instruments, measuring tools are mainly used for actual measurement. They have accurate scales, which are also the international scale standards. Therefore, the international scale standards are the conditions for using the price. For example, the measuring ruler is the choice for accurate measurement. It has different scale standards and a variety of specifications, so it is widely used and has different adaptability

the third category is the series of laboratory instruments and equipment. In the construction of laboratories of various specifications, supporting special series of instruments and equipment is a good choice to ensure their reliable quality. Among them, many kinds of equipment have specific functions and are widely used. Among them, glass, resin, metal container, mixing function, crushing function, mixing function, etc. are introduced by Yang zongkun's expert team on the research and development of polyurethane high-tech new materials. Of course, in the list of testing and measuring instruments, there are more than 2000 kinds of equipment available in the laboratory, and each equipment has very specific functions. Special functional equipment is also required for a series of instruments related to potentiation, cooling and drying, water quality detection, pH value management, etc

before selecting special instruments, it is necessary to understand the list of testing and measuring instruments for comparison and selection as a condition. First, it is necessary to understand three main categories: instruments, measuring tools, and laboratory instruments and equipment

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