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Classification of grab and security inspection of grab

grab is an automatic pick-up device for loading and unloading bulk materials, including single rope grab, double rope grab, motor grab, hydraulic grab, etc

the operation process of the grab

has four actions: lowering the bucket, grabbing, lifting and opening the bucket. New breakthroughs have been made in technological progress and scientific and technological innovation. See the following figure for the dynamic diagram demonstration:

the type of grab

the grab can be divided into five types according to the size, looseness, unit weight and viscosity of the material block (see table 6-2). Medium, heavy and extra heavy grab buckets shall be made into jaw plates with teeth when grasping materials with block size greater than 60mm or solid materials

table types of grab classified by material unit weight

safety inspection of grab

grab should be inspected once a day, especially for grab with heavy work. Parts meeting the scrapping standard shall be scrapped in time

① check the fixation and wear of steel wire rope

② check the wear of pulley shaft and rim

③ check the fastening and damage of bolts and nuts

④ check the wear condition of the cutting edge. The cutting edge shall not be skewed or cracked

⑤ keep good lubrication

⑥ when the grab is closed, the dislocation difference between the two horizontal edges and the vertical edges and the bucket is an important test means for testing materials and research and development of new materials by metallurgy, machinery manufacturing, scientific research and testing units. The gap at the mouth contact shall not be greater than 3mm, and the length of the largest gap shall not be greater than 200mm

⑦ when many scientific and technological workers open the grab, the non parallel difference of the bucket mouth shall not exceed 20mm

⑧ after the grab is lifted, the symmetrical center line of the bucket mouth and the vertical center line of the grab shall be in the same vertical plane no matter when the grab is opened or closed, and the deviation shall not exceed 20mm

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