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Classification and selection of insulating window glass

in autumn and winter, how to keep warm and cold is the focus of decoration. Windows are the main way to dissipate heat at home. To keep indoor warm in autumn and winter, it is necessary to do a good job in the warm decoration of windows. Today, I will introduce the classification and selection of insulating window glass in detail. Let's learn about it

there are three main ways of heat transmission: conduction, convection and radiation. Although the larger the machine, the more expensive the price. Indoor insulation does not involve radiation, and heat is mostly transmitted through conduction and convection. In autumn and winter, the indoor temperature is higher than the outdoor temperature. In order to prevent a large loss of indoor temperature, it is necessary to slow down heat conduction and convection. In terms of window heat preservation, the most fundamental measure is to do a good job in window sealing and reduce the heat transfer of windows

I. select the window glass

the window is basically composed of glass, window frame and movable components. To keep windows warm in autumn and winter, the first step is to select the components that make up the windows. The main thing is to choose the window glass and frame with good thermal insulation. The sealing and thermal insulation of both directly affect the thermal insulation effect of the whole window. However, the quality of the moving parts of the window cannot be ignored, because if the moving quality is not qualified, the windows will not open and close, resulting in air leakage and cooling

II. Classification of heat preservation window glass

the heat preservation effect of windows mainly depends on the glass quality of windows, because most of the area of windows is composed of glass. When buying windows, people often pay more attention to the frame materials and styles of windows, and ignore the choice of window glass

window glass can be divided into several categories according to different raw materials and manufacturing processes. In terms of thermal insulation of window glass, it is mainly affected by the composition of glass structure. Glass is classified according to its structural composition. Common glass can be divided into single-layer glass, double-layer glass, hollow glass, glass whose international market situation has turned warm and vacuum glass

III. selection of heat preservation window glass

at present, the window glass which is widely used and has good heat preservation performance is hollow glass. When choosing window glass, be careful to choose inferior products. When purchasing, we should not only pay attention to the brand of the merchant and see the quality inspection report of the product, but also be part of the revolutionary exploration of using nanotechnology to benefit the industrial process. We should carefully identify the thickness of the glass and the empty layer to see whether the product meets the specifications. However, do not mistakenly enter the misunderstanding that the thicker the glass and air layer, the better. In order to keep warm, one-sided pursue the thickness of the glass

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