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Quality assurance green choice: Doosan actively promotes the development of remanufacture

quality assurance green choice: Doosan actively promotes the development of remanufacture

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the 18th CPC National Congress proposed to vigorously promote the construction of ecological civilization. The recycling and reuse of resources is the fundamental policy to protect the ecological environment, and remanufacture is an important way to realize the recycling and reuse of resource materials. Remanufacturing is in line with the goal of building a resource-saving and environment-friendly industry. In recent years, the Ministry of industry and information technology and the national development and Reform Commission have continuously advocated the development of industries, and officially approved a number of remanufacturing demonstration bases, which have become an important part of the development of circular economy in China

from October, 2009, Doosan remanufacture began to prepare. In January, 2011, the remanufactured engines and jet pumps were mass produced and sold. In October, 2012, the main pumps, traveling devices and rotary motors began to be remanufactured. In June, 2014, the remanufacture plant was expanded and advanced equipment was supplemented... Doosan remanufacture has reached a higher level. Now it has reached the business scale of remanufacturing 350 engines, 300 Hydraulic parts and 150 structural parts, Covering an area of 13000 square meters, it has become another highlight of Doosan's new career development

remanufacture is a way of recycling resources. Through the new remanufacture technology, the performance of excavator accessories can reach the same level as that of new products, but the customer's input cost can be saved by half. At the same time, customers choose remanufactured parts, all of which have corresponding warranty periods. In case of problems in the warranty period, several different materials will be bound together as a whole. If problems occur during the service and repair period, they will get high-quality services based on the service network of 4million plastic bottles adopted by Doosan "starry Grassland", which will relieve customers of their worries

generally speaking, for customers, if there is a mechanical failure of equipment on the construction site, due to the influence of factors such as high maintenance cost or tight construction period, then customers can return the old parts and buy Doosan remanufactured parts at the replacement price. Remanufacturing and maintenance can achieve the same quality and durability, but the cost can be saved by nearly half. At the same time, the downtime of equipment maintenance can be greatly shortened and the equipment can be restored in time, This is the advantage of remanufacturing, and it also responds to the "trade in" business advocated by the state

in the process of remanufacturing, energy conservation and environmental protection are also obvious. The remanufacturing production process can save 70%-80% of C emissions. Whether it is to use sensors to lay the foundation for the interconnection of everything, water, electricity and gas are to a great extent frugal. It is a new way and innovative project for the sustainable development of the company. Compared with the production of brand-new products, remanufacturing has lower cost and less energy and resource consumption, so that the performance and value of nearly scrapped products can be continued, and society, resources Environmental benefits and other advantages. This is also the green business philosophy that Doosan group has been pursuing

Doosan ensures excellent performance and quality of remanufactured parts with strict and professional performance testing. Doosan has continuously increased its investment, and has reached the advanced level in the industry in terms of software and hardware. Ultrasonic cleaning and high-end through cleaning equipment can make parts more thoroughly cleaned and ensure cleanliness; The engine test bench and the hydraulic comprehensive testing bench cooperate with the three coordinate detection to carry out an all-round oil, water and air leakage inspection, dimensional accuracy and performance calibration inspection, so as to ensure the product quality; Add sub laser welding, cold spraying technology and machining equipment, and gradually realize the real remanufacture

at the same time, Doosan remanufacturing process adopts perfect operation inspection standards, strict process management, and each process is traceable, providing technical and data support for quality assurance. Carry out comprehensive professional training for operators and invite Korean engine experts to give lectures, so that every employee can have the ability of detection and maintenance. Highly skilled technicians and unified operation standards are the basis for ensuring remanufacturing quality

at present, Doosan is actively preparing for the construction of reverse logistics, which is the process of planning, implementing and controlling the efficient and low-cost flow of raw materials, processed inventory, finished products and related information from the place of consumption to the place of origin, with the purpose of restoring the value of goods or making them properly handled, in contrast to the traditional supply chain; The process of reverse logistics in remanufacturing is to recycle old parts from customers. The government and manufacturers sell them to end customers in the form of discount subsidies through agents. Customers return old parts to Doosan remanufacturing factory through agents. This is the opposite process of forward logistics. The construction of reverse logistics is the supplement and improvement of the whole construction machinery industry chain. Doosan will continue to work hard on the construction of reverse logistics, Make the sustainable recycling function feature: take it to a new level, realize the life-cycle operation and management of Doosan engineering machinery and equipment, and actively contribute to the society

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