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Fine research technology, professional services, sincere cooperation and win-win cooperation. EVA will bring new models to the southern printing exhibition

China, as the fastest growing economy in the world economy, has comprehensively improved its enterprise investment ability and people's consumption ability. Driven by the current economic situation, consumers' demand for product packaging has increased, while the quality requirements of product packaging have also increased year-on-year. Facing the benign supply and demand environment of the current printing and packaging industry, EVA will go all out to provide sophisticated technology and professional services to every farsighted printing industry dealer, and is willing to work with you to create a business model of honest cooperation and win-win cooperation

Founded in 1995, evergreen Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the production and sale of post press equipment. At present, evergreen shares has footprints in more than 20 countries around the world. With its advantages in fine research technology and professional services, it is committed to promoting the manufacturing of printing and packaging equipment, its core business, and its vigorous growth in the world. It is committed to becoming the first choice supplier of global printing and packaging solutions

as one of the exhibitors with the largest booth area, evergreen Co., Ltd. has made full preparations to present the best quality and most professional services to all professionals in the printing industry. In this exhibition, EVA will bring six high-performance models: mk1060st bronzing die-cutting machine, mk1060er full waste cleaning die-cutting machine, ecopress 1050E waste cleaning die-cutting machine, mk420 three lens inspection machine, mk550 fbii high-speed box pasting machine, and mk1060dp sheet fed inkjet printer, which will appear in the industry exhibition for the first time. The following is the preview of the models of EVA Co., Ltd. for this exhibition. All visionary professional printing and packaging partners, we'll see you at booth C04 of Southern Printing Exhibition on March, 2012

preview of participating models:

mk1060st bronzing die-cutting machine:

mk1060st flattening automatic die-cutting and bronzing machine is a large format die-cutting and bronzing machine with the function of horizontal and vertical aluminum foil conveying. It can be equipped with an advanced paper conveying system to improve the stability of paper feeding, in which a large number of electric control devices are used to realize the automatic adjustment of intelligent conveying and collection, reduce the working intensity of the operator and facilitate operation

mk1060st flattening automatic die cutting bronzing machine can bring you:

shorter version change time, debugging time

fast central alignment on the version function, reducing the version installation time by 50%; Quick lock frame device (optional), which reduces the debugging time by 50%

easier operation

with a large number of electric and pneumatic function designs, it makes operation more convenient, reduces the workload of operators, and makes employees easy to make money, which is salary increase and welfare for employees

stronger adaptability

the professionally designed horizontal bronzing machine can meet the requirements of horizontal large format (the maximum width of aluminum foil is 750mm, the maximum hot stamping format is 1060MM 740mm)

more practical conveying mode

a variety of aluminum foil movement modes can be applied to the requirements of different products for aluminum foil conveying mode

less consumables

the width control range of electrochemical aluminum designed by MK bronzing system is at least 20mm, which can save you 20% of electrochemical aluminum every year (the minimum width control range of electromechanical aluminum for ordinary bronzing is 25 mm, which is calculated according to the standard)

more stable operation

optimize structure improvement and reduce downtime

safer operation

through the EU CE safety certification, the man-machine is more guaranteed and the use is more secure

faster return on investment

the speed increases by 1000 pieces per hour, which means an increase in the output value of 3million pieces per year (the production speed of mk1060st is 6000 pieces/hour, and that of ordinary machines is 5000 pieces/hour, which is calculated based on 300 working days per year and 10 hours per day)

mk1060er full waste cleaning die-cutting machine:

the full waste cleaning die-cutting machine is generally composed of five units: paper feeding unit, molding unit, waste cleaning unit, finished product cleaning unit and waste edge conveying unit. It can realize the functions of die cutting and waste cleaning of sheet fed printing products, then separating and collecting cartons into stacks, and automatically eliminating waste edges. Due to the high degree of automation of this type of equipment, it greatly reduces the intensity of manual labor, improves productivity, and is favored by customers

several reasons for choosing the mk1060er full waste cleaning machine:

● Feida adopts high-speed paper feeding Feida, and the Feida head can meet the needs of thin paper and all kinds of paper jams, so as to realize smooth paper feeding under high-speed conditions. The newly designed tooth row system and imported reinforced chain can effectively improve the stability of paper operation, reduce maintenance and prolong the service life of the equipment

● automation degree of waste removal unit " "Mongolia is a big country with coal and mineral resources, which has been greatly improved. The upper and lower frames of waste cleaning adopt a central positioning system. The upper frame can realize the convenient switching of the fuses of waste cleaning frame and waste cleaning board, and at the same time, it uses an advanced pneumatic locking structure to facilitate operation.

● a multi-functional finished product cleaning unit. This unit can realize the convenient switching of finished products cleaning and full tension functions, so as to meet the needs of users for different products. At the same time, the Collecting by region can realize paper inserting and stacking collection, and increase the height of paper stack collection to facilitate counting

● accurate waste edge output unit. The waste edge conveying unit driven by separate power can adapt to the smooth output of waste edges without accumulation at low speed and high speed. At the same time, it can be equipped with waste edge collection box and other accessories

simple and automatic operation can effectively improve production efficiency:

the machine is mainly composed of five units: paper feeding unit, molding unit, waste cleaning unit, finished product cleaning unit and waste edge conveying unit, which can fully meet the user's requirements for the function of finished products. Provide pre stacking paper rack, waste cleaning preset rack, waste edge collection trolley and other accessories for optional use. At the same time, this model reserves the expansion function of track conveying materials

ecopress 1050E easy to reach waste removal die-cutting machine:

easy to reach 1050 die-cutting machine is an economic and adaptive high-performance die-cutting machine tailored for you after we have made detailed research and Optimization Analysis on the largest packaging enterprises. It can make you stand out from the crowd in a large number of low-level competitions, react quickly, attack accurately, and grasp the one second that determines the outcome

ecopress 1050E easy to reach waste removal die cutting machine will bring you:

shorter version change time:

it has the function of aligning the version from the waste removal fast center of transportation and die cutting, which will shorten the version loading time by 50%

shorter debugging time:

quick lock frame device (optional), which reduces the debugging time by 50%

shorter downtime:

waste cleaning preset table (optional), which can pre install the upper and lower waste cleaning needles and waste cleaning templates, so as to reduce the downtime of version change for you

less consumables:

unique combined lower base plate, 1mm base plate is more cost-effective than 5mm

more stable operation:

optimize the structure and reduce downtime

safer operation:

through the EU CE safety certification, the man-machine is more guaranteed and the use is more secure

faster return on Investment:

the speed increases by 1000 pieces per hour, which means an increase in the output value of 3million pieces per year (the production speed of mk1050e is 7000 pieces/hour, and that of ordinary machines is 6000 pieces/hour. It is calculated by working 10 hours per day for 300 working days per year)

mk420 three lens inspection machine:

more and more high-end packaged goods, such as cigarette and wine boxes and cosmetics, use complex post press processes. These highly profitable products also bring relatively difficult testing work. In the past, other detection systems could not detect the laser or anti-counterfeit cursor at high speed, and the manual inspection was subjective due to the lack of standards. Now we have solved this problem. The quality assurance brought by mk420 enables you to win the trust of customers and win more orders. High speed automatic precision detection of up to 240 meters per minute! Reduce labor costs, improve customer trust and enhance industrial competitiveness

mk420 automatic single sheet paper inspection machine provides you with:

● high quality brings product competitiveness: high-speed automatic and precise inspection of die-cut post press products before leaving the factory or pasting boxes, greatly reducing labor costs and product return rate, effectively improving product quality and increasing customer satisfaction

● powerful and flexible detection function: laser and anti-counterfeiting cursors that are difficult to detect in various printing processes and other systems in the past have been solved. In addition, it can also adjust the strength of various inspections, and flexibly use mk420 to achieve the highest efficiency for production

● simple and effective operation software: the operation software and system developed by EVA team have been actually verified in large domestic printing plants, which are simple to operate, easy to use, and meet the actual needs

● complete and detailed statistical data: completely record the images of secondary products found in the detection and express the defects. The stored images and statistical data can be used as a reference to improve the processing quality and improve the future production capacity

mk550 fbii high-speed box pasting machine:

● the base adopts an integral steel plate structure, modular design, and integrates all main functional components; The overall rigidity is good, the splicing machine connection is accurate and convenient, which is convenient for installation and debugging, and provides a reliable guarantee for the overall performance of the machine at high speed

● special profile design greatly improves the convenience of installation of tools and accessories

● the machine adopts new imported synchronous belt and synchronous pulley transmission, with accurate transmission ratio, stable high speed, minimum noise and long service life

● the machine bearings are all imported from Switzerland and Japan, and all standard parts and electrical components are selected from imported famous manufacturers to ensure that the very small parts of the machine are impeccable

mk1060dp inkjet printer

mk1060dp sheet fed inkjet printer can print variable information codes and is compatible with the detection function of large format paper. The whole machine takes modularization as the design idea, and is composed of paper feeding unit, correction unit, code spraying unit, drying unit, sorting unit and collection unit. It is convenient to connect and assemble, especially in the code spraying unit, the code spraying module and the detection module can share a platform. Mk1060dp sheet fed inkjet printer can provide you with the best inkjet quality, the fastest inkjet printing speed, the most flexible typesetting format and the best service

the mk1060dp sheet fed inkjet printer can bring you:

a variety of processes can be completed in one paper run.

the mk1060dp sheet fed inkjet printer combines various processes of inkjet, detection and elimination. It is composed of several modules, such as paper feeding, correction, inkjet, drying, sorting and collection. Multiple processes can be completed in one paper run

flexible process combination

according to the actual situation, this paper can carry out flexible module unit combination according to the production requirements of inspection and detection for the first time, such as the combination suitable for inkjet: paper feeding + inkjet + drying + paper receiving; Combination suitable for paper detection: paper feeding + detection + waste removal + paper receiving; Combination suitable for inkjet and detection: paper feeding + inkjet + detection + drying + waste removal + paper receiving. Effectively improve productivity, improve production automation, reduce labor intensity, and minimize costs for you

the best inkjet quality and the fastest inkjet printing speed

the high-quality inkjet head and its control system of Xaar in Britain are selected, and the accuracy of 360dpi is still maintained even at 90m/min

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