Best scheme for the hottest paperboard production

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The best scheme for paperboard production

anti slip and maintenance of the conveyor belt of the corrugated machine

the conveyor belt of the corrugated machine is generally tens of meters long, which belongs to the key stage of bonding and forming in the paperboard production process. Therefore, whether the purchase and use of the conveyor belt is the best will directly affect the economic benefit indicators such as paperboard quality, energy consumption, production efficiency and so on

(I) analysis of the causes of slippage between the conveyor belt and the base paper:

◆ the anti-static ability of the conveyor belt is poor

because any conveyor belt cannot use 100% pure cotton yarn, and chemical fibers and other chemical components must be mixed to meet the functional requirements of production. Chemical fibers are prone to static electricity. When the conveyor belt is attached with static electricity, it will repel the cardboard surface. The adhesion is reduced. At the same time, static electricity also leads to the adsorption of dust and dirt, which is easy to cause slipping. Some domestic customers reported that they still failed to eliminate the skid phenomenon by adopting many methods. The best anti-static method in the world is to add resin and other chemical components to the conveyor belt fiber and go through a special chemical treatment process. In the practical application of Xingjing high-speed cotton ribbon, most customer advisory committees should give full play to the advantages of familiar technology, familiar industry, familiar market and familiar policy, which reflect that the base paper slip phenomenon is less

◆ there is a large resistance between the hot plate and the paperboard. If the surface of the hot plate becomes rough or affected by dirt, the running resistance of the paperboard on the hot plate will increase, affecting the dragging ability of the conveyor belt

◆ as a result, the surface friction coefficient of the screw zigzag conveyor belt is not enough

the size of the friction coefficient is related to the conveyor belt material and the surface braided structure, which determines whether the adhesion between the conveyor belt and the paper pole is uniform, strong, and stable for a long time. The most ideal woven structure should be the surface with "dislocation dot matrix" protruding particles. This surface distribution structure is used on the surface of professional roller anti-skid glue imported from Europe and America, which makes the transmission surface have the strongest adhesion, the most uniform distribution and good wear resistance. However, the various types of conveyor belts in the domestic market do not conform to the most basic physical principles. Professional anti-skid rubber suppliers in Europe and the United States will not always adhere to the simple "dislocation point aging" raised grain anti-skid rubber surface structure, but can use more artistic pattern structure to make it more beautiful

◆ the air permeability of the conveyor belt is poor, resulting in dry rotation and slipping.

the air permeability of the conveyor belt cannot be simply understood as pore air permeability. When using Xingjing cotton woven belt in practice, the conveyor belt can absorb moisture from the cardboard and rich in moisture during the contact operation with the cardboard, and evaporate the moisture to become dry again after bypassing the drum. This can not only achieve the function of releasing moisture from the cardboard, but also because the conveyor belt is rich in moisture, the fiber of the conveyor belt expands, thus reducing the tension with the cardboard surface and greatly enhancing the adhesion ability, Moreover, the wet conveyor belt can not only prevent static electricity, but also release static electricity


◆ clean the hot plate surface, or use professional lubricating products

◆ generally, the new conveyor belt will occasionally slip when it is just put on the production line. However, it will tend to be normal after running for a period of time (generally within 3 days). After slipping, spray water evenly on the cotton belt, which may be temporarily relieved. However, some conveyor belts will still slip when they are sprayed with water and started slowly at low speed. In this case, only the conveyor belt or base paper can be replaced

◆ to clean the conveyor belt, you can generally use simple water to clean it, or brush it with a brush if you are lazy, and there is also a special cleaning solution. For the strong and rigid cotton ribbon, you can even scrape away the dirt such as glue with a knife. As for the needle tape, it should be cleaned carefully, and it is not suitable to brush it, because the surface of the needle tape is very easy to lose hair and delamination, resulting in poor adhesion and blistering of the paperboard

◆ when purchasing conveyor belts, you should know more about whether the surface texture structure of the conveyor belt is conducive to increasing the friction coefficient, whether it has complete anti-static ability, and deeply understand the air permeability and its functional principle, not simply from the surface level, but from the physical and chemical level

(II) cause analysis of slipping between conveyor belt and power drum:

◆ drum surface is aging, worn and smooth, resulting in too small friction coefficient

◆ the weight and density of the conveyor belt are insufficient, the structure is loose, and the rolling system exerts enough pressure, but the conveyor belt cannot transmit the pressure well, resulting in insufficient pressure and adhesion with the drum surface

◆ severe friction between the bottom surface of the conveyor belt and multiple pressure rollers and rollers makes the surface of the conveyor belt tend to be smooth, aging in advance, and the operation life is not long


◆ some roller surfaces have pits, which can be reground to increase roughness. But the best way is to wrap professional anti-skid glue, which is very effective, durable and conducive to the protection of the conveyor belt. The temporary emergency method of individual manufacturers: Sprinkle dry tea (or other similar things) on the upper powered drum, so that the tea will fall down again and be involved again every half turn of the drum. Such a cycle can increase friction. Of course, this method is a special case, which is applied in case of emergency, and it is not a professional method

◆ tighten the conveyor belt, or add pressure rollers near the power drum, so as to increase the pressure and contact area between the conveyor belt and the drum, resulting in greater friction

◆ when purchasing conveyor belts, consider selecting conveyor belts with high density, large weight and solid quality, so that it is easier to transmit the pressure of the rolling system, which is wear-resistant and durable, and has a longer service life

daily maintenance of conveyor belt

◆ the conveyor belt may collide with edges

the conveyor belt may often deviate and collide with edges due to the influence of machine and other factors during operation. In case of edge collision wear, the direction of travel should be adjusted in time. If there is loose edges after edge collision, it is necessary to use high temperature resistant strong glue (such as imported instant glue) for edge closing in time. Of course, if you can install an automatic correction device, you can reduce the possibility of collision wear

◆ when the edge of the connecting port is collided or the steel buckle falls off, etc.

as long as the slight edge collision does not affect the production of paperboard with sufficient width, it is only necessary to use glue to close the edge in time. If there are many steel buckles falling from the connection port, the steel buckles need to be reinstalled. During reinstallation, high-quality steel buckles should be selected and cut neatly. The edge line must be strictly vertical to the running direction, otherwise it is more likely to cause deviation, distortion and deformation of the transmission belt. The steel buckle can be installed only after the cutting edge is closed with strong glue. The proper place should be repaired or replaced in time to avoid the indentation effect of the connection on the paperboard

◆ when the conveyor belt stops running, it rises away from the drying hot plate

this basic operating procedure is believed to be understood by all front-line workers, but in fact, cases of burning the conveyor belt for this reason occur from time to time. Even if it is not burned at one time, the conveyor belt will still age or crack in advance under the influence of high temperature

◆ the pressure roller should not be too complex and sharp turn

the conveyor belt itself has the minimum turning diameter requirements. If the turning degree is too sharp, it is very easy to squeeze the conveyor belt and cause damage during movement, reducing its service life. Therefore, when ordering the conveyor belt, it should not be too long, especially to obtain the tensile index from the supplier. Otherwise, some conveyor belts will be stretched after being used for a period of time, which can only be solved by over adjusting or adding pressure rollers

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