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The publicity advantages of 2018 China (Henan) Urban Construction Expo go hand in hand

publicity advantages of 2018 China (Henan) Urban Construction Expo go hand in hand

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by Henan municipal public utilities Association, sewage treatment branch of Henan municipal public utilities Association, municipal branch of Henan municipal public utilities Association, gas branch of Henan municipal public utilities Association, heating branch of Henan municipal public utilities Association The 2018 China (Henan) Urban Construction Expo, CO hosted by the environmental sanitation branch of Henan municipal public utilities Association and jointly hosted by Henan Xiangyu Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. and Zhengzhou Haiming Huibo exhibition planning Co., Ltd., will be grandly held in Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center on September

2018 Henan urban construction exhibition has been widely concerned by all sectors of society since its official launch. Based on Henan, the exhibition has begun to quietly recover the plastic machinery industry in the United States and actively build a business exchange platform for the whole industrial chain of urban construction. The 2018 Henan urban construction exhibition has been comprehensively upgraded. The organizers are committed to creating the greatest value for the participating enterprises by integrating resources such as industry associations, media, industrial parks and so on. At the same time, in order to achieve the best effect of the exhibition, the publicity and promotion of the exhibition is also in full swing

I. exhibition officials and platforms

exhibition officials and platforms continuously release the latest industry information, industry trends, policy guidance throughout the year, and promote star enterprise topics, joint brand enterprise interactive promotion, reaching 10000 + fans, and more than 90% are professionals. Relevant information about exhibitions and exhibitors is effectively disseminated here

II. Comprehensive promotion by professional media

the exhibition is jointly promoted by more than 100 cooperative media and 20 magazines, including building materials, China bidding, water supply and drainage equipment, Baichuan, Huicong construction machinery, China pump and valve, China heating, China water industry, list environmental protection, big fish, China Semiconductor, Henan environmental protection, China engineering machinery information, intelligent building and smart city, ground source heat pump, etc., and the industry media are fully covered 30 media reports were affected by the "11.15" catastrophic fire in Shanghai and the fire in the building of CCTV's new site, grasping the latest developments of the exhibition, concurrent activities, star enterprises and other wonderful previews of the exhibition. In addition, relevant special reports will be made in Sina, Sohu and other mass media before and after the exhibition, and advertised through mass mainstream media

third, we media matrix multi-channel communication

form today's exclusive we media matrix on multiple platforms, such as Toutiao, Sohu, Sina, Tencent, baidu Baijia, Yi, etc., with a large number of advertisements and, covering industry users across the country, reaching nearly 100000 information exposures; According to the analysis of industry professionals, the joint new media platform accurately delivers the exhibition information to the target audience, effectively attracting the attention of industry professionals

IV. buyer invitation plan

the organizer of the exhibition cooperates with many industry associations and institutions in 2009 to gather and share industry resources, organize promotion meetings, use lighter parts and advanced materials in production, and attract high-end people in the industry. The organizing committee invites industry visitors through a huge database, and invites and connects the procurement principals to visit in groups for VIP buyers. Make full use of the accumulated 50000 industry big data, and 20 people call the team one-on-one to match the needs of buyers one by one, so as to provide accurate docking for both supply and demand sides

in addition, the organizing committee carried tens of thousands of exhibition invitations and tickets to peer exhibitions to deeply understand the market information, carry out comprehensive and accurate publicity activities, directly face professional customers for publicity and audience organization, and invest in a large number of outdoor advertisements in the industrial agglomeration areas of Henan Province and surrounding provinces and cities. Send text messages, emails and exhibition materials to 100000 accurate customers. Online group interactive invitation, accurate information reaches more than 10000 industry people, indirectly radiates hundreds of thousands of industry people's circle of friends, and releases the latest trends of the exhibition in real time

2018 Henan urban construction exhibition covers an exhibition area of nearly 20000 square meters, with four exhibition halls and six theme exhibition areas. It is expected to attract nearly 400 exhibitors from across the country, 30000 + visitors, and more than 10 simultaneous summits. In order to ensure the effect of the exhibition, next we will go deep into the major peer exhibitions and industrial clusters to promote, combine the resources of industry associations, increase cooperation, and the continuous promotion of online media channels. We will spare no effort to find potential customers for each exhibitor, and any exhibitor will benefit from it. I believe that the 2018 Henan urban construction exhibition is bound to show you a more professional, innovative, trading and cutting-edge feast of the whole industrial chain of urban construction

for more exhibition information, please pay attention to the official hnuce-2018 of Henan Urban Construction Expo or log in to the official of Henan Urban Construction Expo. The Organizing Committee:

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