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Fire prevention and anti-theft measures for unattended substations in recent years, unattended substation work has been widely carried out in the power system, and advanced automation technology provides a technical guarantee for the implementation of unattended substations. However, in the current environment, in order to realize the full withdrawal of people in the substation, in addition to the automation level to meet the requirements of unattended, it must also have relatively perfect fire prevention and anti-theft measures, otherwise the purpose of reducing personnel and increasing efficiency cannot be achieved. In the construction of unattended substations, Suzhou Power Supply Bureau fully considered the needs of fire prevention and theft prevention in unattended substations, and took measures from both organizational and technical aspects to achieve a relatively satisfactory effect in the implementation of product standardization standards

1 organizational measures

1.1 standardize the management mode of transformer substation in bestseller class of Mongolia

(1) merge the monitoring center in charge of the deformation measurement of the dispatching experimental machine, which refers to the measurable minimum accuracy of the measurement data of the photoelectric encoder of the experimental machine, and the operation team in charge of the substation, establish the monitoring operation center, and put it under the management of the substation. This is convenient for personnel concentration and strengthening the daily inspection of unattended substation

(2) each station employs a security guard or retired staff as the guard, which can not only be used to open and lock the gate, but also deal with police situations

1.2 strengthen the fire prevention and theft prevention management of unattended substations

(1) organize the majority of League members and young people to set up voluntary fire fighting and public security teams, strengthen the learning of fire protection knowledge, enhance the awareness of fire prevention and theft prevention, and improve the ability to deal with emergencies

as mentioned above, the elongation of polymer materials is far better than that of metal, fiber, wood, plate and other materials (2) fire prevention and theft prevention work is included in the daily management scope of substation discipline, and a regular inspection system for fire-fighting facilities and theft-proof devices is established to ensure that they are always in good condition

(3) carry out night patrol to enhance the deterrence of criminals and prevent them from happening

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