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Fire and explosion prevention in underground operation construction

1. Causes of fire and explosion in the well pad

(1) illegal operation, not in accordance with the fire regulations and the operation of ignition before gas on. Or sweep the line with natural gas, and the natural gas explosion is caused by open fire and electric fire

(2) when the motor is overloaded, the common lamp caps and switches used for the casting roller and 3-roll calender in the well and station are too loose, and the explosion and fire are caused by short circuit ignition

(3) smoke in the well pad, use open fire, use electric welding, wear shoes with iron nails or iron tools to strike the fire and cause the fire

(4) the exhaust pipe of the operating machine emits sparks, and the boiler chimney emits sparks; There is residual gas in the furnace of the heating furnace, which ignites before being discharged, causing the furnace of the heating furnace to explode and catch fire

(5) there are oil stains and weeds outside the well pad, and the well pad is on fire because of burning wasteland or fire outside the well pad. 4

(6) fire caused by blowout

2. Fire and explosion prevention in the well pad

according to the above fire causes, smoking and open fire are strictly prohibited in the well pad for operation and construction. It is obviously 10 points important to control the operation key of the granulator. When hot work is carried out to weld the wellhead or pipeline in the well pad construction, hot work procedures must be handled. Without the approval of relevant departments and strict safety measures, no unit or individual is allowed to carry out hot work construction without authorization; When using electric heating pipes in winter construction, it is strictly prohibited to contact inflammables; It is not allowed to hit with iron in the well pad; Do not wear shoes with nails, but rubber soled work shoes; Carry out fire prevention and fire-fighting education for all construction personnel, so that workers pay attention to fire prevention and explosion-proof work, and everyone can use fire-fighting facilities

3. Handling of well site fire

(1) immediately report to the superior department, report the fire and actively fight the fire at the same time

formed aluminum swing frame, which is convenient to install each replacement fixture (2) cut off oil, gas and power, release the pressure in the container, and isolate or remove inflammables

(3) if a fire just breaks out or a small area catches fire, it should be put out quickly with foam extinguisher, sand, etc. If it cannot be extinguished, the fire should be controlled to prevent it from spreading towards oil and gas

(4) if the oil tank and oil pool are on fire, do not use water to extinguish the fire, but use dry powder fire extinguisher or foam fire extinguisher

(5) when the electrical appliance is on fire, the dry powder fire extinguisher or 1211 fire extinguisher can be used to extinguish the fire without disconnecting the power supply

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