Analysis on the broad prospect of China's valve in

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Analysis on the broad prospects of China's valve industry

although there are many constraints on the development of China's valve market, the market still has broad prospects, which mainly benefits from the support of policies and the change of market environment

1. Support of national policies. With the gradual promotion of the national policy of accelerating the revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry, the development of general basic manufacturing industry will be further supported

2. Strong demand in the valve product market. The state-owned economy continued to develop steadily. Let's take a look at fixed capital. Property investment is gradually expanding. In particular, the commencement of several century projects such as "west to East Gas Transmission", "west to East power transmission" and "south to North Water Transfer" requires a large number of valve products; In addition, China is facing the arrival of the industrialization era. The petrochemical industry and the Ministry of electric power will increase the demand for valve products through market-oriented operation doors, Metallurgical departments, chemical industry and urban construction. For example, during the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, the total prediction of valves required for large and medium-sized start-up projects of coal-fired power units in the power industry is as follows, which can calculate the elongation of low carbon steel: the total demand for valves is 153000 tons, with an average annual demand of 30600 tons; The total demand for valves is 3.96 billion yuan, with an average annual demand of 792 million yuan

3. With the accession to the WTO, the reduction of international trade barriers and the adjustment of product structure in developed countries, China is gradually becoming the largest processing plant in the world. It is understood that the processing of valve products is facing greater development space

therefore, as long as enterprises can seize opportunities, strengthen R & D capabilities, and continuously improve the scientific and technological content and product quality of products, they will be able to occupy an active position in the broad market competition

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