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Nanchang Ming, President of China Packaging Corporation, was interviewed by two TV stations in Tianjin when he participated in the foundation laying of China Green Packaging Industrial Park in Tianjin Binhai Economic New Area on May 18

Why did China's green packaging industry park choose to settle in Tianjin Binhai Economic New Area

the design of the South hybrid head comes from the famous FPL hybrid head. President Changming said that choosing partners is based on honesty first. This reminds me of one thing. When Motorola selected a site in China, it visited many places, but it was not decided. Later, when the president of Motorola came to Tianjin, Comrade Li Ruihuan, who was on business in Beijing, braved the heavy snow and ignored road skiing, rushed back to Tianjin that night to entertain the president of Motorola as promised, which moved the president very much and finally decided to settle in TEDA. Since China's green packaging industry park will be built into a high-level service platform for domestic and foreign packaging enterprises. Naturally, the more developed port cities in coastal areas should be selected. After years of development, Tianjin Binhai New Economic Zone has become an economically developed industrial zone with more than 10000 enterprises, many of which are internationally renowned large enterprises. I have served as the vice mayor of Dalian. As far as I know, the economic strength of Binhai Economic New Area is almost equal to that of Dalian. There are several port cities similar to Tianjin in China. Why choose Tianjin? It is because, in the actual contact and the preliminary work of the project operation, the Tianjin municipal Party committee and government are the most honest, and all commitments are in place. Therefore, after careful consideration, China National Packaging Corporation finally decided to build China's green packaging industry park in Tianjin Binhai Economic New Area

why is this industrial park called the "green packaging" industrial park

president Nanchang Ming said that protecting the environment is a global problem, and a major problem for the development of conventional experimental data such as protecting resources, ensuring sustainability, tortuous modulus of elasticity, surface bonding strength, gluing strength, screw grip force and the benefit of future generations. Since the packaging industry is a new industry, in order to maintain its vitality, we must put environmental protection in the main position. At present, the world is advocating "green packaging", which is also an international trend

what is the situation after the completion of China green packaging industry park

president Nanchang Ming said that the China green packaging industry park built in the future will be an important platform with Chinese packaging characteristics, reaching the international advanced level, and providing comprehensive and convenient services for the packaging industry at home and abroad. It will include ten centers, including R & D center, testing center, certification center, design center, training center, exhibition center, standard research center, information network center, logistics center, as well as talent highland and technology incubation highland, which will have a positive impact and promotion on China's packaging industry and even the international packaging industry

will SARS affect the construction of the industrial park

president Nanchang Ming said that we have experienced an extraordinary period of prevention and control of SARS, and we have all achieved the foundation stone laying and commencement on schedule, which shows that we can overcome all difficulties and ensure that the project is carried out on time. We have great determination. With the support of leaders at all levels and all aspects of the Tianjin municipal government, the construction will be carried out smoothly and the industrial park will be completed in a few years

how about the investment attraction of the industrial park

president Nanchang Ming said that we are full of confidence in investment promotion, because at present, there is no green packaging industry park with advanced level, comprehensive supporting facilities and complete facilities to provide high-level services in China. Before laying the foundation, we have carried out extensive investment promotion work and contacted large packaging enterprises at home and abroad. Many enterprises not only pay close attention to this park, but also have real cooperation intentions. After the foundation is laid, with the construction of the garden area, the investment attraction work is bound to accelerate the pace and produce ideal results

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