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Green packaging branch yells for foaming plastic lunch boxes (III)

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"photodegradation lunch boxes" also deserve vigilance

according to the green packaging branch of the Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences, according to the survey of the disposable tableware market in Beijing, the daily consumption of disposable tableware in Beijing is more than 2 million, with an annual consumption of 700million

among them, the use of disposable foamed plastic lunch boxes accounts for 20% in the urban area of Beijing, while in the outer suburbs, the use rate of disposable foamed plastic lunch boxes exceeds 50%

Li Peisheng, executive vice president of the organization, pointed out that it is worth noting that in order to gain a foothold in the fierce market competition, some so-called environmentally friendly tableware production enterprises did not hesitate to use methods such as cutting corners to reduce costs, resulting in tableware that did not meet the health requirements, but also leaked oil, water and deformation

even some enterprises add lime powder, talc powder and other ingredients in the production process. This kind of disposable tableware can neither be degraded nor recycled, and it will affect people's health after use

Li Peisheng said that this situation is more serious in the production of photodegradable disposable plastic lunch boxes. The so-called "photodegradable plastic lunch box" refers to those disposable lunch boxes with photodegradable components added to plastic

he explained that the qualified products of this kind of lunch box can be naturally degraded under the action of sunlight, but those lunch boxes with banned ingredients cannot be degraded at all and cannot be recycled

fast food boxes affect the dietary health of millions of Beijing citizens. How can we identify qualified plastic fast food boxes

Li Peisheng introduced that consumers can identify qualified disposable plastic lunch boxes by weighing the weight and looking at the color. He said that disposable foamed plastic lunch boxes are made of pure polystyrene. Each lunch box weighs only 2 grams of raw materials. With the weight of air, each lunch box weighs only 5 grams. In terms of color, disposable foamed plastic lunch boxes are the whitest lunch boxes on the market at present

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doubt: it can't be said that plastic lunch boxes are good

Chen Tongbin, a famous environmental protection technology expert and researcher of the Institute of Geographical Sciences and resources of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, believes that it's not yet possible to conclude that disposable foamed plastic tableware is better than other environmental protection tableware

he said that to evaluate the impact of a product on the environment, we need to track the impact of each link of the product "from raw material acquisition to final recycling and consumption" on the environment, and this kind of environmental impact assessment is insufficient from an economic point of view

Li Hao, a well-known environmental science and a famous foreign material enterprise such as Evonik, heshibi, Jinhu Rili, Baoli, Bosen, said that although the enterprise has solved the outlet problem of discarding disposable foamed plastic lunch boxes from the perspective of technology, whether the whole society can finally form a recycling chain is not only a technical problem

she said that circular economy can form civilized behaviors that also depend on society. She said that in Germany, people will wipe the oil in disposable lunch boxes with napkins after using them, which greatly facilitates the recycling of lunch boxes, and it will take time for Chinese people to develop such a habit

even from an economic point of view, there is still room for the development of environmentally friendly lunch boxes. Chen Tongbin analyzed that some environmental protection tableware enterprises in China have serious environmental pollution in the production process, which is related to the small scale and weak economic strength of most of these enterprises. He said that from a technical point of view, the environmental pollution problem of paper lunch boxes can be overcome, but some small enterprises in China are unwilling to adopt sewage treatment processes in order to reduce product costs, which leads to environmental pollution problems. If these enterprises reach but the scrap trading volume does not increase too much; If the enthusiasm of merchants in market operation is not high enough to a certain production scale, and the cost of sewage treatment is reflected in the final product, the price increase will not be so obvious, nor will it seriously affect the market competitiveness of enterprises

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