The hottest green package starts with a small pack

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Green packaging starts with a small package

release date: Source: Bingxin packaging

packaging is an indispensable part of commodities. "Package" reflects the practical function of packaging design, and wraps commodities with appropriate materials and processes to realize the protection function of commodities; "Packaging" reflects the artistic beauty of packaging, and refers to beautifying and decorating commodities to realize the sales function of commodities

however, with the continuous development of economy, the environmental problems caused by packaging have attracted more and more attention. On the one hand, the packaging process will consume energy and resources and produce industrial waste, which will also cause environmental pollution problems. On the other hand, we can't ignore the effective protection of packaging on commodities and the better embodiment of commodity value

therefore, packaging reduction, recyclability and degradability have become the new demands of industry development, and the green packaging design concept has been born. Saving materials, easy recycling and easy decomposition have become major issues in the packaging industry. Today, let's enjoy several green packaging designs

coolpaste toothpaste without box

the packaging academic project of Brazilian designer Allan Gomes, coolpaste, the designer took the packaging of toothpaste as the research object, and took another way to remove the cartons and turn the toothpaste into a hanging display. Recyclable and degradable plant fiber materials are used to avoid possible pollution after use

biodegradable bag biodegradable handbag

this woven bag is made of bamboo fiber, with a spiral design in the hand. The packaging with appropriate width can reduce the discomfort caused by long-term carrying. The smiling face design at the bottom also makes the whole packaging more interesting

educational insights- toys with outer space

educational insights' series of "design and drilling" toys can also fold the packaging box into a matching background such as outer space after completing the toy assembly, so as to obtain a better scene experience

- another possibility of USB flash disk

bolt group design company designed a small capacity disposable USB flash disk combination. It is only the size of a stable credit card driven by the first transmission mode, and is composed of four small capacity u disks. The shell is made of recycled paper, which is torn off like a small label. Writing the classification name can easily transfer information. Electronic parts and paper shells can be completely recycled, small and environmentally friendly

bruk- easy to separate beverage carton

traditional drinks, thus obtaining the tensile strength of steel wire. The carton is composed of film and paper. In order to recover them, paper and plastic must be separated, which requires a special process that is expensive and cannot be widely used. The Bruk beverage carton designed by British designer Eric Smith adopts two-layer packaging. The inner packaging is HDPE plastic soft packaging, and the outer packaging is paper packaging. When recycling, consumers only need to tear the carton into two halves along the tear line, and then the inner and outer packaging can be easily separated

nohbo drops- packaging of disposable toiletries

nohbo drops' shell packaging is a plant plastic made of bagasse. It discards the heavy and polluting bottles and cans. Just take it underwater and flush it with water for 5 to 10 seconds, leaving only the wrapped shampoo or shower gel. Water soluble packaging is not only convenient, but also biodegradable and does not pollute the environment

pla biodegradable bioplastics

agthia group of the United Arab Emirates launched the first low-energy, biodegradable plant-based packaging in the Middle East through independent research and development for its flagship product, Al Ain bottled water. The biological plastic material used in this package is polylactic acid (PLA), which is introduced as 100% plant source material - the bottle body is from corn, the bottle cap is from fermented sugarcane, and the whole biological plastic package can be degraded within 80 days after composting


in recent years, the concept of green environmental protection has become more and more popular, and all walks of life are making efforts for sustainable development. These standards are clearly 2 meters of pipe. As a result, the experimental space of the experimental machine is only 1 meter, which is impossible to experiment. Generally, there are strict regulations on sample preparation and experimental methods. Producers should actively develop new environmentally friendly packaging, and consumers should also cultivate good consumption habits and living habits

let environmental protection start with a small package at hand

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