The hottest green Olympic plastic film shows its s

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Green Olympic plastic film shows its skill

because the high scientific and technological content of the membrane structure meets the requirements of the scientific and technological Olympics and the Green Olympics, it will be of great use in the Olympic project. It is reported that the state plans to exchange pistons and oil cylinders at the consumer factory in 200 and complete the material procurement of membrane structure in August of four years

plastic film materials are widely used in national stadiums, National Swimming centers, national sports venues and other Olympic venues. For example, the mobile roof of the National Stadium (also known as the bird's Nest) and the transparent membrane structure. The shell system includes two layers of membranes with different functions. The components of the whole stadium structure support each other, and the transparent membrane material will be used to cover the gray mineral steel. The facade of the water cube of the National Swimming Center is coated with ethylene tetrafluoroethylene copolymerization and 20% glass fiber reinforced polymer (ETFE) membrane material. It is the first time in the world that membrane materials made of ETFE are used to replace traditional glass and other polymer daylighting panels for large-scale pressure testing machines to detect roof or wall materials of buildings with high compressive strength

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