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China's green packaging highlights four major problems

due to the necessity of using green packaging for export goods, the rise of domestic environmental protection, and the support of the government, China's green packaging industry has developed rapidly. The use of environmental protection packaging materials is increasing, the market share is gradually rising, and the technical content is also higher and higher. Some products have also reached the international advanced level. In the international market, there are better National Bureau of quality and technical supervision 1999-07 (3) 0 approved the implementation of marketing on 2000-02-01, and the market of green packaging industry is constantly expanding. However, compared with developed countries, China's green packaging industry is still far behind, and the development speed is not fast enough

1. The concept of green packaging is vague

in the eyes of many people, BASF creationcenter innovation center will provide support in component manufacturing. Green packaging is often one-sided understood as the greening of packaging products. It is wrong to replace Walton's 36.79% equity in the period when CSR Guiyang plans to purchase in cash, and regard packaging products made of degradable materials as green packaging, Whether the production of packaged products causes environmental pollution and waste of resources, and whether the packaged products can be reused after use. For example, paper packaging is regarded as green packaging, plastic packaging is placed on the opposite side of green packaging, and even polyethylene is considered toxic, so paper should be fully implemented instead of plastic. In fact, the impact of packaging on the environment should be considered from the whole life cycle of products. For example, improper recycling of paper packaging does not meet the requirements of green packaging, while plastic packaging should be promoted if it realizes reduction, recycling, harmless and other treatment. Plastic has the advantages that other packaging materials cannot replace, and a comprehensive ban on plastic will cause greater pollution. China's forest resources are limited, and the pollution caused by papermaking is also difficult to control, so the full implementation of paper instead of plastic is neither realistic nor environmentally friendly

2. The development of green packaging is unbalanced

different enterprises implement green packaging at different times. The first to implement green packaging are export-oriented enterprises. Affected by the international market, these enterprises have an early understanding of green packaging and quickly adjusted their packaging strategies; However, the enterprises with the domestic market as the main player in this case have been slow to respond to green packaging and have only begun to set foot in green packaging in recent years. Secondly, the development among regions is uneven. The green packaging in economically developed regions has developed rapidly, while the green packaging in economically backward central and western regions has not been paid enough attention and publicity, and the development is slow. In terms of the treatment of packaging waste, policies and laws are also inconsistent across the country, resulting in the transfer of packaging pollution to economically underdeveloped areas

3. Insufficient investment in capital and technology

due to the use of advanced technology and the limitation of the production scale of enterprises, green packaging products tend to cost more than traditional packaging products, so they do not have price advantages when competing with traditional packaging products. This directly leads to the disadvantages of green packaging products in market competition, and seriously affects the confidence of enterprises in developing green packaging. Green packaging is supported by high technology. Due to the lack of investment and Research on new green packaging technology, although some products have the international leading level, the overall technical level is still backward. There is a great shortage of talents in green packaging in China, especially the lack of management talents, which seriously restricts the development of green packaging

4. Green packaging consumption to be developed

whether the packaging industry can embark on the road of sustainable development of green packaging depends on the regulation and guidance of the market, while China's green consumption started late and is far from becoming people's consumption habits. In major, medium and small cities and rural market towns across the country, it is still difficult to ban white and green. At present, the annual output of domestic green tableware is about 6billion, of which 80% are exported, mainly to Japan, the United States, Singapore, etc; Another 20% of domestic sales are for railway and shipping systems, but it is difficult to promote in the fast food industry. Due to the shortage of export demand and the serious shortage of domestic market demand + consumption, many green packaging enterprises only care about the foreign market and ignore the domestic market

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