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The use of green packaging and nanotechnology

"green packaging" and "green packaging engineering" are new concepts put forward in recent years under the condition of increasingly serious environmental pollution all over the world. As we all know, packaging not only provides essential conditions for human health and social progress, but also plays an important role in protecting products, accelerating logistics, facilitating use and promoting sales. However, packaging also consumes a lot of materials, and has caused a headache for the world. With the growth of economy and consumption level, products are facing a dangerous situation of no land to bury, and at the same time, they also cause pollution hazards to the environment. Therefore, protecting the ecological environment has become the focus of the packaging industry all over the world. In the 1990s, new nanotechnology was developed in the world's high-tech field. Nano packaging changed people's traditional technology, made the most effective use of the high-tech characteristics of materials endowed by atoms and molecules, and paid attention to frugal resources, making it greatly beneficial to human society. Nanotechnology has become the most emerging comprehensive science and technology in the past decade

I. The Rise of green packaging

at the United Nations "world environment and development" conference held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in June 1992, 183 countries and more than 70 international organizations unanimously adopted the international environmental protection outline on long-term development and needs, and officially determined that "sustainable development" is the theme of human society. People are more and more aware of the destructive effect of packaging waste gas emissions on resources and the environment. It is required to reduce the emission of solid waste gas, fully and effectively recycle them and develop new materials to benefit mankind

the rise of green packaging stems from the proliferation of white pollution. Strictly speaking, it mainly lies in the increase of packaging waste gas brought about by the increasing abundance of packaging materials and packaging products. It is said that people ignore environmental factors in production and business activities, ignore plastic products that are difficult to deal with, and do not recycle the recycled packaging products, Cause great pollution to the environment

the most important thing to implement green engineering is to carry out the education of green engineering, and constantly improve people's environmental awareness and the ideological realm of benefiting generations. As long as all mankind makes unremitting efforts, white pollution will be eliminated, our green revolution will have great results, and a fresh green world is coming

second, the main means of green packaging

the development of modern green packaging technology is first the development of green packaging materials. Therefore, to study green packaging technology, we must first study green packaging materials. The classification of green packaging materials includes; 1 recyclable recycled materials. Including paper, paperboard, pulp molding materials, metal materials, glass, degradable polymer materials. 2. Materials that can be naturally weathered and returned to nature. Including paper products, degradable materials and biosynthetic materials, practical materials, etc. 3. Materials that can be incinerated and recycled without polluting the atmosphere. Including some linear polymer materials that cannot be recycled, shaped polymer materials, and some composite materials. 4 after the recycling of waste gas, it is mainly used to produce recycled paper and cardboard and pulp film plastic products for various purposes. Therefore, the use of waste gas in life has paid more and more attention to the harm of waste gas

III. actively develop green packaging

in recent years, the rapid development of market economy has led to higher and higher requirements for products. In transportation and marketing, the heads of state of the two countries jointly attended the signing ceremony of cooperation documents in the fields of diplomacy, economy and trade, infrastructure construction and other fields, the packaging requirements are also higher and higher, especially the requirements of consumers with the orderly and rapid development of the new energy industry are higher and higher. The exported packaging materials can be imported into the importing country only if they meet the regulations of the importing country. Otherwise, the customs of the importing country will not release them. In many countries, straw is not allowed to be used in the packaging of goods in importing countries in the form of laws, otherwise it will be burned. One of these measures is to avoid the use of toxic materials. The pigments, fuels, paints, etc. used on the packaging containers or labels should use raw materials that do not contain heavy metals as adhesives for bonding materials. In addition to non-toxic or toxic components, they should also be easy to decompose during separation. 2、 Use recycled materials whenever possible. At present, most of the recycling materials used in the world are recycled paper, recycled cartons made from waste collection and utilization, molded pulp, bee pulp paperboard and paper tubes, etc. Third, actively develop plant packaging materials. Plants can basically continue their reproductive capacity at all costs, and the extensive use of plants will not cause harm to the environment, ecological balance and resource maintenance, which is favored by the international market. Fourth, select a single packaging material, so that the material can be disassembled without using special tools, which can also save the time of recycling and separation, and avoid the difficulties of recycling and separation caused by the use of bonding methods

at present, the green packaging system has become one of the main contents of the green standards set by developed countries in the world. The green packaging system requires that the packaging of imported goods should be energy-saving, used for recycling and reuse, easy to decompose, do not pollute the environment, and protect environmental resources and the health of consumers

as a complete and independent green system, green packaging should meet the following requirements; First, there is a set of green program design scheme, including the engineering content, factual scheme, process route, etc. of each subsystem in the whole system; Second, it has a set of perfect green production equipment and green assurance surrounding system; Third, it has a complete set of green management system and scheme, including the management and monitoring measures of all links. The "green revolution" of food packaging is an international event and great change. It will be the common pursuit of human life in the future, and also a common theme and important feature of the development of the global food industry in the future. And the "green revolution" of food packaging industry in the world must adopt ISO

it can be predicted that "green revolution" will be an important theme of the global packaging industry in the new century, and it is also a significant feature of the development of the packaging industry in the new century. The 21st century will be a green world and a green packaging world. China's packaging industry must catch up with the world's "green wave" to meet the challenges of the new century and take the initiative in the world's "green revolution" market

IV. uses of nanotechnology

nanoscience and technology is a science and technology based on many modern advanced science and technology. It is a combination of modern science and technology. Nanoscience and technology will introduce a series of new science and technology, and the application of nanotechnology in packaging will also be a big aspect, The application of nano in packaging is a breakthrough in biology ", nanotechnology can change the design and manufacturing methods of products and realize the leap of production methods. Therefore, nanotechnology will have a far-reaching impact on mankind, and even change the way of thinking and lifestyle of mankind.

the so-called nano packaging materials are nano composite packaging materials made of single crystal or polycrystalline materials with grain size of 1-1000nm and other packaging materials. Because nano grains are finer than conventional grains Small, so the number of atoms on the grain boundary is more than that inside the grain, forming a high concentration grain boundary, which gives nano materials the properties of many different conventional materials, such as high strength, high hardness, high resistivity, low thermal conductivity, low elastic modulus, low density, etc. New packaging technology requires structural design and high-tech materials. With the increasing demand for special functions of packaging, such as explosion-proof packaging, anti electromagnetic packaging, camouflage packaging, high resistance packaging, stealth packaging, anti radar packaging and other requirements, the development of nano packaging technology has been promoted. Nano composite packaging materials compounded by nano materials have become a kind of high-tech materials we need, It not only greatly improves the performance of raw materials and endows them with new functions, but also expands the application scope and bright prospects of raw materials, and saves scarce resources. The nanocomposite polymer conductive packaging materials (used for anti-static packaging, anti electromagnetic packaging, etc.) not only greatly improve the conductivity, but also have a variety of changes in appearance color, and other physical and chemical properties are greatly enhanced. The high-grade film of nanocomposites, with good transparency, is a new variety needed by the packaging industry. Nanotechnology carries out nano synthesis and nano improvement on packaging products, so that they have new packaging characteristics such as nanostructure and size. In recent years, polymer nanocomposites, such as nanocomposite plastic packaging materials, have been most studied. Compared with traditional plastic packaging materials, their plasticity, hard strength and other properties have been significantly improved. In addition, polyester PET and PBT nano plastics also have fire resistance, barrier performance and other characteristics, It can replace PBT resin with higher price and meet the requirements of packaged food

as a high-tech with rapid research and development in recent years, nanotechnology has attracted more and more attention. Nanotechnology has broad prospects in the field of packaging. In packaging materials and packaging technology, the value of nanotechnology will be immeasurable


the application of green packaging and nanotechnology in modern packaging has been more and more obvious in our social life. Our life will also be changed and our living environment will be more fresh because of the application of green packaging and nanotechnology in packaging, The earth, the home we live in, will make our living environment and lifestyle more and more auspicious. Liu Qiang, chief engineer of the Automotive Research Institute, will be better. In the near future, more and more substances will appear in front of us. It will also bring a leap to our society, and our packaging industry will also welcome good hope and bright prospects

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