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Green packaging is a strong support point in green marketing (Part 2)

secondly, green public relations is an important communication way to establish the green image of enterprises and products. The main objects of green public relations are customers, members of environmental protection organizations, legal groups, general groups and internal personnel of enterprises. There are various ways of green public relations, which can be carried out through certain mass media, such as lectures, newspapers and periodicals, environmental protection textbooks and materials, audio and video materials, information service centers, etc. it can also publicize the green image of enterprises through some relevant public relations activities, such as carrying out valuable public relations activities related to environmental protection through green sponsorship activities and charity activities. The main marketing channel of industrial enterprises depends on the promotion of green personnel. To effectively implement green marketing strategies, salesmen must understand consumers' interest in green consumption, answer consumers' concerns about environmental protection, and master the green performance of enterprise products and the green performance of enterprises in the process of operation. Through free trial samples, competitions, gifts, product guarantees and other forms to encourage consumers to try new green products and improve the popularity of enterprises

the main feature of green price is to reflect the environmental cost, that is, green products usually include the cost expenditure related to environmental protection and improvement, and many situations will cause the green price to rise. For example, introduce raw materials that are beneficial to environmental protection; Replace equipment that pollutes the environment with equipment that is conducive to environmental protection; Implementing environmental protection laws will also increase costs; Change the organizational structure and administrative management mode of the company for the implementation of green marketing. At the same time, the green price may also be reduced due to other factors, such as the cost reduction due to the saving of products and packaging raw materials

at present, the economic concept and economic behavior of the whole society are changing. That kind of excessive predatory consumption and unsustainable production mode, that kind of natural resources ldquo; Automatic stretching experimental robot system of experimental testing center rdquo; The method of killing the goose that lays the egg and fishing with all its strength has threatened the survival and development of mankind. Green marketing is based on a brand-new production mode. The production mode of modern society increasingly needs to choose from two different technical ways. "Black technology" is a machine, oil and electronic circuit left over from traditional industry, while "green technology" is a new field combining ecological engineering and genetic engineering. Of course, "black technology" will never be abandoned, but the rise of "green technology" and "green products" is unstoppable

in April 1995, the international organization for standardization began to implement the international environmental monitoring standard system, requiring products to meet the ISO9000 series quality standard system. The EU has also launched an environmental management system called ISO14000, which requires products entering EU countries to meet the specified technical standards from pre production to manufacturing, sales, use and final treatment stages, such as textiles, paper products, batteries, washing machines, footwear, building materials, hair care products, packaging materials, etc. At present, the United States, Germany, Canada, Norway, Sweden, France, Australia and other western developed countries have formulated environmental protection technical standards and tend to coordinate and recognize each other. In 1996, the international organization for standardization issued the first five standards related to the environmental management system and its audit. In the actual use of the electronic universal tensile machine for one year, 836 enterprises in China have passed the ISO14000 environmental management system certification, which shows that the product not only meets the quality standards, but also meets the environmental protection requirements in the process of production, use, consumption and treatment. This is undoubtedly the most effective way to eliminate the "green barriers" that developed countries restrict imports from developing countries. Products that meet the green technology standards can be said to be today's "green products"

with the rise of green products, green packaging is an important part of their safekeeping (the concept of green packaging has been written in the introduction). As we all know, packaging of modern products is essential in marketing, and packaging is mostly disposable consumer goods, with short life cycle and large waste emissions. According to statistics, the annual discharge of packaging waste is large. According to statistics, the annual experimental emission of packaging waste accounts for about 1/3 of municipal solid waste in weight and 1/2 in volume, and the emission is increasing at a rate of 10% per year. The problem of environmental pollution caused by packaging waste has become increasingly prominent in China. Taking the "white pollution" of EPS foam lunch boxes as an example, the fundamental reason for not stopping is that large-scale production cannot be banned and is profitable

facing the worrying fact of environmental pollution, our government can no longer listen to it and should formulate regulations as soon as possible

as early as 1991, Germany passed the packaging regulation of reducing the impact of packaging materials on the environment, which was revised again in the summer of 1998. The Ordinance requires the industrial and commercial sectors to recycle and reuse their used packaging. Austria introduced new packaging regulations in October 1993. The UK has formulated a plan for the reuse of packaging materials, requiring the reuse of% of packaging waste. Japan also issued and enforced the recycling regulations and the amendment to waste elimination conditions in 1991 and 1992 respectively. The United States stipulates five priority indicators for waste treatment: reduction, reuse, regeneration, incineration and landfill

in the 1980s, China had the disadvantage of "first-class products, second-class packaging and third-class prices" in export trade. After more than 20 years of efforts, the packaging industry has formed a large-scale industry with perfect system and solid foundation, which is closely related to the development of various industries. The output of containers, woven bags, corrugated boxes for transportation and other major packaging products produced in China ranks first in the world. However, there is still a big gap between China and developed countries. China is not a powerful packaging country, especially in green packaging. Large packaging production lines and some raw materials are still heavily dependent on imports. Packaging enterprises should speed up the pace of international integration, strive to pass the ISO9000 and ISO14000 certification, and promote their products to the international market

after China's entry into WTO, international trade is developing day by day, and the international market competition is becoming increasingly fierce. The green packaging system in the international market is conducive to environmental protection, but it provides convenience for developed countries to create "green barriers". They restrict imports on the pretext that the product packaging of other countries, especially developing countries, does not meet the requirements, resulting in continuous trade frictions. Therefore, we are required to vigorously develop green packaging that meets international standards, so as to improve the competitiveness of our export commodities. On the other hand, we should also strive in international trade to reduce trade losses

it can be seen that the problem of green packaging is an urgent problem to be solved, and has risen to a global problem that needs to be solved. In foreign countries, many countries and regions have begun to take action. They have promulgated laws and actively used chemical technology to develop new biodegradable materials

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