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Green packaging has become a worldwide trend

exclusive interview with Shang Xinsheng, chairman and general manager of Henan Xinxiang Hongyang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Henan Xinxiang Hongyang Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded in the 1950s. It is a state-owned backbone enterprise mainly engaged in the manufacturing of industrial products called dentalmodel and dentalltclear respectively. It became famous in the 1970s. After the reform and opening up, Hongyang company has been eclipsed. After the mid-1990s, the company followed the historical trend and actively adjusted its product structure. Its leading products began to turn to disposable pulp tableware and industrial packaging machinery production lines and their products, and the enterprise has been reborn since then

Shang Xinsheng, the chairman and general manager of the company, believes that the key to Hongyang company's going out of the trough and entering the benign development track is to give full play to its advantages in technology, equipment and talents, and continuously develop marketable new products, especially the development and production of pulp products, in accordance with the national industrial policy and guided by the market, which has triggered a revolution in the history of packaging. He believes that green packaging is becoming a worldwide trend

this print: what are the considerations for your company to switch from mechanical manufacturing to pulp products production

Shang: in the mid-1980s, some countries have listed plastic packaging as obsolete products. The international Montreal Protocol signed by China in 1993 stipulates that the use of freon and foamed plastic products will be banned from 1996 onwards. The European community proposed in 1991 that the use of plastic packaging should be completely stopped in 1997. In China, the National People's Congress has also repeatedly proposed the proposal to eliminate "white pollution". Through analyzing the situation, we clearly realize that plastic products packaging, especially

food plastic packaging, will be difficult to enter the international market. To this end, the company developed the first generation of pulp molding machine in 1995, and produced the first generation of "national brand" pulp tableware series products with non wood raw materials such as reed, wheat straw and cotton straw

this print: what are the developments of the company's products in recent years

Shang: since the first generation of pulp molding machine was developed in 1995, our new products have emerged one after another in recent years. By September 1999, the fourth generation of fully automatic pulp molding machine came out. The production line is generally divided into four parts: beating, forming, hot pressing and trimming. It is characterized by high productivity, low price, fast heating, convenient operation and small floor area. It is the most ideal pulp molding tableware forming equipment in China at present. Pulp products are not only used in food packaging, but also widely used in disposable medical supplies, disposable agricultural seedling cups, architectural decoration, automotive dashboard, industrial products inner liner, etc. It can be said that the development prospect of pulp products is full of hope

this print: what is the current situation of China's pulp tableware market

Shang: last year, the State Economic and Trade Commission issued a notice requiring all foamed plastic tableware to be eliminated by the end of this year. At present, there are more than 400 million disposable lunch boxes for railway use in China, and the annual consumption of disposable plastic fast food utensils in China has reached more than 16 billion. Based on such consumption estimates, the country will need nearly 2000 pulp molding production lines with an annual output of 20million. At present, there are only more than 10 enterprises producing equipment. This means that after the elimination of foamed plastic tableware, there will be a period of time when the supply of pulp tableware exceeds the demand. This is extremely beneficial to the potential development of our company. At present, Hongyang company has 80 pulp tableware production lines, each with an annual output of 36million tableware. While producing pulp molding tableware forming equipment and products, the company also pays attention to the synchronous development of related products

this print: in terms of pulp products and their equipment, what are the differences between Chinese products and foreign products

Shang: in March, 1993, as one of the five members of the Chinese delegation, I was invited to participate in the third international pulp mold annual conference held in Chicago, USA. At this annual meeting, our company showed its own pulp products, which were widely praised by the participants. They agreed that China's pulp products, both in workmanship and strength, have surpassed the United States, and the equipment has also reached the international advanced level. In terms of equipment, China's equipment has advantages of low price, good quality, while foreign equipment has large specifications and high prices. In addition, the United States imports our company's equipment, requiring no more than 3 operators for each production line, with a high degree of automation

this print: what positive measures have your company taken in the development of the international market

Shang: in the development of green packaging, we believe that we should go out and actively seek partners. In 1998, Hongyang company cooperated with DuPont company to produce waterproof and oil proof additives for pulp tableware. At the end of 1999, it set up a joint venture factory with a South Korean company to produce pulp tableware, and all the products were sold back to South Korea. At the same time, the products produced by the company are also exported to Australia, Singapore, Japan and other countries. The development of Hongyang company is at its peak, but we dare not be intoxicated by it. Hongyang company wants to stand in the forefront of the green packaging market. It needs to be prepared for danger in times of safety and prepare for a rainy day. Its products should be produced, developed and reserved for a generation

this print: what beneficial effects have it had on you and the company in the process of dealing with foreign businessmen

Shang: at present, we have cooperated with more than 10 foreign companies. They emphasize credibility and efficiency, which also affects us and improves our efficiency. At the same time, we should keep pace with them, pay attention to norms, and do things without delay. He is serious and responsible in his work, and the experimental results and data are quite detailed. These impacts are positive and effective for us to explore the international market

this print: Hongyang company is the leader in this industry. What do you think are the factors for the success of enterprises

Shang: I think the first factor for the success of enterprises is the development of pulp tableware products with market prospects according to the national industrial policy. Our company is an old state-owned enterprise. Its products have been made for decades. Considering the high efficiency of policies and work and the lack of market, our products have been impacted in the process of the transformation from a planned economy to a market economy. At the most difficult time, it is difficult to find rice to cook. In 1994, the company carried out a great discussion on product strategy. The employees of the company believed that the key to the development of enterprises was products, and the development of products should comply with the national industrial policies, as well as the conditions of their own technology, equipment and funds

the second factor of success is to establish a new mechanism. In the second half of last year, the enterprise carried out restructuring and asset reorganization, broke the boundary between position and length of service, implemented post allowance, and implemented an annual salary system for enterprise leaders, overcoming the disadvantage of overstaffing

this print: when did you become a leader? How do you feel

Shang: in 1994, I took the leading position in the enterprise. Before that, I worked as a technician, deputy factory director and Secretary of the Party committee. Now, I deeply feel that the top leaders of enterprises are not easy to do, and it is important. Founded in 1955, the company has a glorious history of development, but under the impact of market economy, the enterprise once had an economic crisis. In November, 1994, five debt collection summonses were delivered to me. Within a year, the relevant departments sealed the company's finance, equipment and cars for more than 20 times, and the payment of employees' wages was quite difficult, but this has become a thing of the past

this print: under such difficult conditions, what strength do you rely on to support the development of the enterprise

Shang: first, leaders should establish self-confidence and take the lead. Again, nothing can be done without the support of employees. In order to raise funds for pulp products production projects, the enterprise leaders took the lead in raising funds and promised to "share risks and interests" and lead the employees through the difficulties with the reputation and personality charm of the leaders. In less than 20 days, the employees raised hundreds of thousands of yuan, and some retired old employees took out their life insurance money for the construction of the enterprise. During the period of tackling key technological problems, enterprise leaders, technicians and some employees live in the enterprise, and it is difficult to take care of their families. It is with this spirit of hard work and selfless dedication that the enterprise has achieved a second entrepreneurship and a second take-off

this print: what are the development goals in the next few years

Shang: the development goal of our enterprise is generally planned once every three years, based on the products of the enterprise and the analysis of market prospects. At present, our leading product is pulp products, which will keep pace with related products in the future. The development of pulp products in foreign countries has only a history of more than 10 years. This industry is an emerging industry, so it has a broad development prospect. Pulp products can be used in agriculture, construction, aerospace, etc. industrial packaging is more difficult to predict. It is a common international practice that there is no problem for 5 to 8 years. It can be said that now it is the "golden stage" of pulp products to achieve full particles of recycled plastic raw materials. The company will seize the favorable opportunity to do a good job in the series development of industrial packaging while developing pulp products, and lead the development trend of pulp products

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