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Regular customers are very important for selling. If they buy a good and cheap door and window commodity, consumers are very willing to boast in their own brotherhood, and this boasting has also made a publicity for this door and window commodity, which is more effective than the direct advertising publicity of the business

the cost of developing new customers for doors and windows is high

there is such an amazing set of data: the cost of developing a new customer is 3-10 times that of retaining an old customer, the loyalty of old customers is reduced by 5%, the company's winning rate is reduced by 25%, the success rate of marketing to new customers is 15%, and the success rate of marketing to old customers is more than 50%. If the annual customer growth continues to be 5%, the profit will reach 25%-85%; 60% of new customers come from the introduction or influence of old customers; 20% of regular customers bring 80% of profits. So instead of finding 1000 potential customers, it's better to protect 100 loyal old customers. In order to better protect our regular customers, we may as well include the service quality of our regular employees in the performance appraisal of our employees

protecting regular customers mainly starts from two points

first, often arrange free public welfare activities

in addition to the usual free maintenance, often arrange regular customers to carry out free public welfare activities, such as arranging the interaction between regular customers and designers, and perhaps recruit regular customers to attend classes, such as drinking, sleeping, fitness and other courses, but the whole process has nothing to do with sales, which is a long-term regular customer protection plan. Now, it is enough to maintain the current store sales volume by relying on the secondary purchase and referral of regular customers, and this feedback is very high

second, go to the old customer's home for free cleaning and maintenance

the door-to-door warranty deals with the customer's needs, and also deepens the interaction with the old customer in the process of door-to-door, so that the old customer has a better impression and image of the brand, and will virtually introduce the brand to his brother. Moreover, now many distributors are promoting in the community, but high-end communities will generally stop propaganda activities from disturbing the residents, and only through regular customers can they spread them in the community faster; False publicity and no after-sales guarantee of door and window brands are often the goals of consumers to throw away. If door and window dealers want to become bigger and stronger, they must build a strong foundation, starting from the protection of old customers. Only sincere service and quality goods can get customers' expectations





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