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The eighth special training camp for new franchisees of Fuxuan doors and windows has entered the second day, and the enthusiasm of the family is still high, which deserves our applause! Yesterday, through the team competition, it showed the passionate spirit of the terminal team.

the eighth special training camp for new franchisees of Fuxuan doors and windows has entered the second day. The enthusiasm of the family is still high, and it is worth applauding for them! Yesterday, the team competition showed the passionate spirit of the terminal team, and the team spirit has also been greatly exercised and improved

families choose to join Fuxuan doors and windows as their own business, which is also a trust in the reputation, service and products of Fuxuan doors and windows. As a reward for this trust, we must try our best to give help and support to our families. "It's better to teach people to fish than to teach people to fish". Today's course is still wonderful, including store operation, after-sales and market support, event planning, event planning scheme preview PK, etc

nowadays, there are many brands of doors and windows. In order to stand out, gain a foothold in the market and win the love and trust of consumers, we need to do everything we can, not only to ensure product quality, but also to do a good job in terminal services. Mr. Lin, the assistant to the chairman of the board and President of Fuxuan business school, today launched a series of courses on terminal shopping guide skills and how to improve service quality, including the construction of sales team, on-site simulation of terminal sales scene, sales script practice, difficult problem answering, etc. in addition to store operation, after-sales service is also very important. Regional manager Liu Yunfei taught students how to do a good job in after-sales service of doors and windows. The family members reacted positively, and the on-site interaction atmosphere was good. At the same time, they also felt a lot of benefits, and they also hoped to apply it to the business practice of the franchise store

in the next afternoon's course, Liu Xinjing, marketing director, will teach event planning. Terminal sales is always inseparable from regular event planning and promotion, but how to skillfully plan events to attract consumers? For example, how to operate opening activities and festival activities, and how to combine online and offline promotional activities. Director Liu explained the skills, activity plan cases, etc. for the students in simple terms, and also assigned tasks: each group worked out an activity planning plan, on-site interpretation, on-site interactive exchange and comments

after half an hour of team assistance, each group took turns to perform with their own activity planning plan. The atmosphere was also very warm. The students applauded their teammates. Let's look forward to the students' brilliant planning of activities in the terminal doors and windows, and the business will be prosperous

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