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Three Gorges new material: the main capital strength is strong and continues to rebound after adjustment

Three Gorges new material [13.95 -0.71% stock bar Research Report] (600293): the company is a key high-tech enterprise in the national torch plan, China national building materials [7.40 torque wrench detector application method, before the application of torque wrench detector -5.61 the small value is the valley value%] top 100 enterprises, and China's top 10 enterprises in the flat glass manufacturing industry, mainly engaged in float glass Research, production and sales of glass deep-processing products and new building materials products. The company now has three production lines of 450t/d, 600t/d float glass and 650t/d self-cleaning glass substrates, with an annual output of 11million heavy boxes of high-quality float glass; Four glass deep processing production lines, with an annual processing capacity of 1million m2 of glass products; The annual output of silica sand mine is 300000 tons of high-quality silica sand. The company has strong technical force and strong R & D ability to face the shrinking market demand. It has been recognized as Hubei glass industry engineering technology research center by Hubei Provincial Department of science and technology. The company has passed ISO9001 quality system certification, and the leading product "Jinping" brand float glass has been recognized as a provincial famous brand product by Hubei provincial government; "Jinping" brand trademark is recognized as a famous trademark in Hubei Province; "Jinjing" brand tempered glass has obtained the national product quality and safety certification; The research and development of TiO2 thin film self-cleaning glass has won ten national patents and the gold award of China International Patent Technology and product fair

in the secondary market, the company's share price started a long shock bottoming at the bottom after promoting the bottom in mid April. It was at this time when cooling measures had to be taken that the systemic risk of the market broke out and entered a long bear market journey from above 3000 points, with a decline of 20%. However, the company's share price was basically unaffected by the market and showed an independent trend. After five months of bottoming out, the stock price rebounded strongly in early September, during which the bear market mentality completely dominated the market. Although the market fell sharply today, the company's stock price only made a small correction at a high level, indicating that the strength of the main capital wants to be strong. It is expected that after a short adjustment, the stock price is expected to continue to rebound strongly

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