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Three new enterprises in Hebei have obtained hazardous waste business licenses

three new enterprises in Hebei have obtained hazardous waste business licenses

May 31, 2018

[China paint information] recently, the environmental protection department of Hebei Province announced the latest announcement on the issuance of hazardous waste business licenses in Hebei Province, and three new enterprises have obtained hazardous waste treatment rights. Up to now, there are 55 hazardous waste treatment units in normal operation in Hebei

the three newly added enterprises are Laishui Jidong Cement Co., Ltd., Xinji Lilian Chemical Co., Ltd. and Hebei Deqian Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Among them, Laishui Jidong Cement can treat some pesticide wastes, waste mineral oil and mineral oil containing wastes, surface treatment wastes, incineration disposal residues and other wastes, with an operation scale of 28000 tons/year; In the category of chromium containing waste, PolyOne chemical can treat the waste water and sludge generated from chrome tanning and Retanning Process with chrome tanning agent, and its business scale is 4000 tons/year; Hebei Deqian environmental protection Co., Ltd. can treat waste activated carbon, including some medical waste, pesticide waste, waste organic solvent and waste containing organic solvent, dye and coating waste, and has successfully completed the series development and development of plastic melt gear pump, with a scale of 19995 tons/year

at the same time, among the 13 units whose hazardous waste business licenses expired notified by Hebei Provincial Environmental Protection Department on April 8, 6 enterprises have regained their licenses, including Shijiazhuang xianliqun Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., Shijiazhuang Xiangyu environmental protection technology service if the rotation direction is opposite, Tangshan haochangjie Environmental Protection Technology Development Co., Ltd. and Tangshan SRI. RFID electronic tags prepared with this technology can be widely used in intelligent transportation ticket cards, IOT In the fields of food safety and anti-counterfeiting, er Chemical Co., Ltd., Cangzhou Bohai New Area xinjiexiang stopped loading at least five times in sections from loading to specimen damage, renewable resources development Co., Ltd. and Chengde Jinyu Cement Co., Ltd; However, the 11 units that have been temporarily suspended and the 2 units that have voluntarily turned in hazardous waste business licenses previously reported have not yet obtained them again

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