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According to the Three Gorges Metropolis Daily, on June 11, it was found in several food supermarkets that some domestic brands of sandwich biscuits had this production line on their packaging and also produced products containing eggs, peanuts, nuts and soybean products; In addition to the wheat products contained in the ingredients, the ingredients may also contain trace shell seafood

some consumers said that they only paid attention to the production date and shelf life on the package when buying food, and did not pay too much attention to the content or allergic tips on the package. However, when asked whether allergy tips are necessary, most consumers said that they should be labeled

according to the dermatologist of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Three Gorges Medical College, food allergy is common. 2. Model: wal (6) 00, wal1000, wal2000, wal3000. Some of the patients with skin allergy were allergic and ate eggs, mangoes, milk, peanuts, etc. 5. There was no obvious burn on the surface of the reinforcement at the contact with the jaw; The steel plate is free of welding penetration and depression, which may cause allergic reaction. Therefore, for these people, food allergy tips are very necessary. It is understood that at present, there is no mandatory labeling requirement for allergy tips in food packaging labeling. Before the relevant regulations that all goods sold on the market conform to the law of "one price, one goods", consumers with allergies can take the initiative to pay attention to food ingredients and avoid eating foods that they will be allergic to

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