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The "three in one" bottle packaging of blowing, filling and sealing

with the continuous increase of various small packaging forms, it also puts forward high requirements for beer and beverage enterprises, requiring them to constantly introduce innovative technology and packaging design

botlepack bottle blowing filling sealing three in one technology developed by STI group can realize the three in one mass production of liquid products under manual, semi-automatic and automatic control modes without large-scale changes to mechanical equipment. These precision values can reach a maximum of plus or minus 0.5. The production technology of integrated beverage products is highly flexible. It can produce both two bottles of one package beverage products and six bottles of one package beverage products. It can not only be used for the packaging of mixed flavor beverages, but also be integrated into the production line of packaged beverages. For example, after the 24 bottle/box production line adopts this technology, it can be converted into four six bottle small packaging by manual rotation, or the ownership of the power station can be transferred to the lessor into two portable five bottle packaging in the 10 bottle/box production line

bottlepack three in one technology is the most effective alternative to the telescopic film packaging technology that requires high investment and separate packaging equipment. After adopting the bottlepack technology, only a small number of beer boxes have been abandoned before filling, and can be transformed into a mixed flavor packaging style through simple process technology. In the manual operation mode, the size of packaging materials is cut with simple wooden tools; In the semi-automatic operation mode, the cutting tool is manually placed on the beer box, and then the punching tool passes through the neck of the beer bottle

in the fully automatic operation mode, the bottlepack integrated device is integrated into the packaging finishing equipment. In other words, according to the size of the package, it automatically determines the position in the form of 2 bottles/bag to 6 bottles/bag, and the punching equipment completes the cutting

the three in one technology is used to firmly complete the connection between the bottle and the handle. Compared with the flexible film packaging technology, it can save 30% of the raw materials, and it can also use the botlepack technology to package different tastes and varieties of beverages at any time

STI group, headquartered in Munich, cooperated with other machinery manufacturing companies to develop and produce TLM top loading beverage production equipment for high flexibility and high-speed small package beverage production. In this production equipment, after a very short time of equipment adjustment, the production of small packaged beverages with 4, 5 and 6 bottles/bag can be completed, and the traditional portable beverage packaging, telescopic film packaging and steam heat shrinkable sleeve can also be completed. In order to meet the needs of the export market, the equipment can also be equipped with an automatic box pasting and folding machine. You can choose 10 bottles/box or 20 bottles/box for packaging, but from the perspective of the industry, the product can be produced in this way

the production capacity of the equipment is 19200 bottles/hour, and the adjustment time of the equipment is very short, so it is very suitable for beer production enterprises and mineral water production enterprises. When the product packaging method changes, all adjustments can be completed within 4-5 minutes

according to the investigation and analysis of the market, the packaging of mixed taste drinks has the following advantages: it can be purposefully and professionally designed and designed in different specifications to meet the needs of consumers, making it an important part of the enterprise's market strategy

Red Bull drinks are packaged with mixed flavors, so as to improve the sales volume in the automobile gas stations and other sales points. The enterprise has used the way of product exhibition and sales and the way of putting refrigerated Red Bull beverage into the market to improve the sales of products. In this way, in the hot summer, the sales volume of products in various convenience stores has greatly exceeded the expected hope, improving consumer satisfaction and corporate reputation. At the same time, it has bioaccumulation, long-distance migration ability and biological harmfulness. After adopting such a sales method, red bull's sales volume increased by 500% without any change in price, bringing rich profits to retailers and beverage manufacturers

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