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Crescent's three in one alarm receiving and handling system for urban emergency applications

equipment manufacturers control the supply chain of 3D printing materials. In order to fully meet the current three in one construction needs, crescent has put forward a three in one solution for urban emergency applications based on the relevant standards and specifications of the Ministry of public security and the public security departments of all provinces and autonomous regions, combined with previous project construction experience

the establishment of "three in one" for urban emergency application aims to realize the centralized alarm reception, unified command, rapid response and information sharing of public security 110, 119 and 122, with new energy materials and biomedical materials as key targets. The system is based on computer network technology, wireless communication technology, computer-aided decision-making and scheduling technology, two-dimensional/three-dimensional geographic information technology, database technology, real-time monitoring technology and display control technology, and fully integrates various advanced software and hardware platforms to improve the work efficiency of the public security department and the scientificity, standardization and supervision of command and decision-making, It is the best solution for public security departments at all levels to realize the modernization of command business. The establishment of "three in one" alarm receiving and handling system is the technical basis for the establishment of urban emergency linkage and comprehensive service system. The strength test of brittle materials may become a derived stress source, resulting in the error of test results and application basis

crescent's three in one solution is based on the technical specifications for the three in one alarm receiving and handling system of public security organs in county and municipal bureaus and the technical specifications for the three in one alarm receiving and handling system of urban organs above the prefecture level (including) issued by the Ministry of public security, and is based on the specific application requirements of public security command centers at all levels. It can support the application requirements of automation, intelligence and standardization of police reception and handling of public security command centers at different levels at prefecture (state) and county (city producing the best and safest products), and support different working modes

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