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Three Forums: printing digital color management is more meticulous and perfect

the author chenzhengxiong engaged in zinc relief process in 1958, and was skilled in color image work. In 1976, he founded the printer magazine with his brother. He was the executive director of Taipei international printing press materials exhibition and the publisher of the printer magazine

1. The printing industry has increasingly high requirements for color reproduction.

printing is a graphic communication industry. The image and graphics are now colored. Even a large part of the newspaper is colored. Therefore, image reproducibility and color reproducibility play an important role in quality. In addition to many commodity packages, the image and background colors are the basis for many customers to distinguish the authenticity. Today, the division of labor between printing and surrounding industries is increasingly dense, but not deep:> 860 mm; Driven by electronic digital technology, hardware and software can measure, simulate and control more accurately. Therefore, users of printed matter are increasingly strict about the color reproduction differences of printed products. It is necessary to seize the day to be even more harsh. They not only exceed the visual recognition ability, but also use instruments to measure and detect the dark and dark parts. For the error values that are no longer sensitive to human eyes, they make measurement requirements that exceed the necessity and lose the required scope of visual products

II. Color management changed from closed to open

from 1970s to 1980s, when electronic scanning color separation machine was installed, technicians would require to output test color films, do plate printing and proofing, so as to establish the closed color reproduction gamut and color balance system of the printing plant. If there are different printing sheets, color reproduction management should also be divided into three curves: bright copper plate, fog copper plate and non coating. The author asked him what if the plate making factory should deal with many different printing factories? He also can not do one by one, only to achieve the color management system until the proofing machine prints out the samples

today, we no longer rely on the concentration values of the R, G and B color filters for color management, because it cannot calculate the color difference values. Instead, we mostly use the lab three-dimensional color gamut space. We have achieved this. When the L color lightness value and the phase plane positions of AB and -a-b are color value data, the two color data regardless of the change values of RGB to CMYK, RGB to different RGB performance, CMYK to RGB, CMYK to different CMYK output performance, The color gamut space of lab can be used to calculate the conversion. Moreover, the value of △ e can also be used to display the color difference of plane or three-dimensional gap. Therefore, the open prepress and printing equipment using this color gamut space has become the mainstream of color management. Under different brand equipment, different hardware, software color materials and media combinations, the display and difference adjustment of color values can be done. Today's iso12647 system also uses lab data values as the main body of color specification and operation, Make color reproduction more open and consistent

III. image input, shielding display and various output management

the traditional image input center has been used by professional roller or platform CCD scanners with good it for transmission and reflection color correction to capture image files. However, today it has become an ordinary amateur CCD camera, and even the image files taken by the camera are reproduced under different hardware CCD, software shift and color mechanism. In addition, under the change of lighting color temperature of the environment, the greening of plastic additives today should include the greening of raw material selection, the greening of the process of synthesis The greening of auxiliary products and the recyclability and environmental acceptability of auxiliary products. Many prepress work has no funds and time to do manual common sense color and version adjustment. Therefore, if today's many printing materials are not taken by the studio, and there are color managers, many of them are image images with large differences in version and color. In the future, when a small number of diversified version free printing is used, the situation will be worse and worse, Therefore, it is necessary for AI Artificial Intelligence image trimming software

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