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Sanjing valve technology transformation, auxiliary e-commerce transformation and modern valve industry

among the team of Yongjia valve industry, we can see such an "avantgarde" enterprise - Sanjing Valve Co., Ltd. Since 2006 last year, chenshifu, the chairman of the company, has set up an e-commerce team, embarked on the road of online marketing, and began to sell valves on the market. He has become the first "zijianping"

among the teams in Yongjia valve industry. We can see such an "avantgarde" enterprise - Sanjing Valve Co., Ltd. Since 2006 last year, chenshifu, chairman of the company, has set up an e-commerce team, embarked on the road of online marketing, began to sell valves on the Internet, and became the first Yongjia enterprise with a "self built platform", making the valves networked

valve weekly: most people don't understand the valve product. Will there be any attention on it? Why do you want to try e-commerce

Chairman: the valve is indeed a very complex product. The cooperation between Merck and BASF this time includes: the direct commercial utilization of new materials and new technologies. Only the engineering and company are applying for the new 3-board. Professional customers will pay attention to it. Therefore, we cannot put it on the public e-commerce platforms such as tmall and Taobao like general FMCG, but only on the professional platforms. I always believe that e-commerce is also a trend of the valve industry in the future. If you don't do it now, others will do it first. Even if e-commerce can't do it, at least it is a platform that can show our enterprises and products. In any case, you won't lose money

valve weekly: does a professional platform refer to an industry station and what kind of operation mode is it

Chairman: it can also be said to be an industry station. As it involves e-commerce operation, we build our own station platform. Just now, our customers are all professional customers, so you should first make them feel that you are professional, so we usually publish some industry information on the website to attract some professional customers. As for the truly professional purchasing customers, they will understand in great detail in all aspects, including the materials, processing methods, processing equipment, product parameters, etc. used by our products to achieve the synchronous growth of economic and social benefits. Our sales staff will communicate with him through the platform, and further make customers trust our professionalism in the process

valve weekly: what will be the effect after eight years of operation? Will heavy products like valves encounter difficulties in logistics

Chairman: personally, I am quite satisfied with the results. I have also made good achievements in sales. It should be said that our attempts so far have been successful. Generally, there is no big problem in logistics. In the past, we delivered goods to agents, but now we deliver goods to customers. Valve customers are generally engineering, and the purchase volume will also be relatively large. Now we just omit the intermediate links and directly face the end customers, so we have more advantages in price

valve weekly: e-commerce and running a factory are two different things. Why did you try to do it yourself instead of outsourcing

Chairman: just like what I said just now, the difference between making valves and other products is that you should be very familiar with the products, including raw materials and production processes. Only in this way can you explain well to customers and gain their trust. It is impossible to place an order for a valve just by looking at the picture, so it must be done by someone familiar with it. However, e-commerce is really different from our previous factory, production and sales. Therefore, we have also set up an e-commerce center in Hangzhou to deal with technical and marketing issues, while we are responsible for communicating with customers about the design

it has to be said that putting the valve on the networking stage is also a forward-looking channel, allowing the valve products to be more directly presented to customers through the networking media, so that customers can more intuitively understand Thierry leh é naff, chairman of the industry and chief executive officer, said: products, understanding the company

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