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LETV confirmed that Jia Yueting has gone to work and the super car plan has been accelerated. On the 15th, LETV officially confirmed that Chairman Jia Yueting has returned to work and will probably attend the LETV press conference on January 20, which may be related to the super car plan. On the 15th, LETV officials confirmed that Chairman Jia Yueting had returned to work and would probably attend the LETV press conference on January 20, which may be related to the super car program

yesterday, Liang Jun, COO graphene material and its potential application of LETV intelligent terminal business group, sent a microblog with an internal meeting chart of LETV, in which Jia Yueting, the chairman of LETV, was discussing a certain matter with LETV executives. Then Jia Yueting forwarded Liang Jun's microblog and wrote that he has never had great influence to define the future, a small step, a big step, # super car # China's first set

LETV Chairman Jia Yueting (third from the left) attended LETV's internal meeting. According to Liang Jun's Weibo

this means that Jia Yueting admitted that he returned to LETV to work. Later, he confirmed to the public relations department of LETV group that Jia had recovered well and had returned to work this week

according to a person familiar with the matter, Jia Yueting returned to LETV headquarters on Monday. The curve, displacement and force value can be dynamically displayed on the digital display, and he personally presided over the president's meeting that LETV must hold every Monday

LETV executives' Weibo also revealed another information, that is, the upcoming conference of LETV on January 20 may be related to super cars. LETV PR did not reply to this

on December 9 last year, Jia Yueting announced the LETV see plan on his Weibo, announcing that LETV was about to build a super car and an automotive Internet ecosystem

judging from LETV's recent trends, the car building plan has indeed entered a substantive stage. Since last year, it has been recruiting automotive talents overseas and at home. It has established an automotive R & D team in Silicon Valley, the United States. This team comes from four aspects, including the traditional automotive manufacturing field, the electric vehicle manufacturing field, the Internet industry, and the intelligent hardware industry, many of which come from Tesla, Mercedes Benz, BMW, general motors Ford and other auto companies

some analysts believe that LETV's upcoming subversive product may be the Internet operating system carried by the super car. It is unrealistic to launch the self-developed super car in such a short time, but as an Internet enterprise, it is feasible to launch the on-board Internet system first

yesterday, LETV closed at 44.48 yuan, up 4.19%. The stock price has risen 57% in the past 15 trading days

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