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First level DOS written examination paper (April, 1999)

I. multiple choice questions: ((1) - (30) questions, 1 point for each question, (31) - (55) questions, 2 points for each question, a total of 80 points)

only one of the following questions a), b), c) and D) is correct. Please write the correct option on the corresponding position of the answer sheet and answer it on the test paper without scoring

(1) the core component of microcomputer hardware system is

A) memory B) input and output device C) CPU d) UPS

(2) computer performance index measured by MIPS is

A) processing capacity b) storage capacity C) reliability d) operation speed

(3) in the following devices, What can be used as both input and output devices is

A) graphics scanner b) disk drive C) plotter d) display

(4) microcomputer system with multimedia function, The commonly used CD-ROM is

a) read only optical disc B) semiconductor read only memory

c) read only hard disk d) read only large capacity floppy disk

(5) the time required from sending commands to sending data from the memory is called read-out time; The time from issuing the write command to writing the data into the memory stably is called the write time. The following are four statements about access time. The correct one is

A) the sum of read time and write time of adhesive products is called access time

b) read time and write time are collectively referred to as access time

C) access time is read time

d) access time is write time

(6) in the following four statements, The correct one is

a) the complement of the binary positive original code is the original code itself

b) all decimal decimals can be accurately converted into limited binary decimals

c) the information stored in the memory will not be lost even if the power is off

d) the internal code of Chinese characters is the input code of Chinese characters

(7 you can directly view the stored data on the machine and remove it) in the floating-point representation of data, The significant digits are represented by

A) Order Code B) total digits C) cardinality d) mantissa

(8) office automation (OA) is an application of computer. According to the classification of computer applications, it should belong to

A) scientific computing b) data processing c) real-time control d) aided design

(9) the source program written in high-level language should be converted into its equivalent target program, Must be

a) compiled b) C) interpreted d) compiled

(10) among the numbers represented by the following four different number systems, the smallest one is

a) octal number 247 b) decimal number 169

c) hexadecimal number A6 d) binary number

(11) according to the DOS system's naming rules for file names, the legal one of the following four file names is

a) AB TXT b) AB CD C) a/b d) ab]. Com

(12) among the following four file names, those that do not belong to DOS system devices are

a) nul b) LPT1 C) aux d) con1

(13) in the following four descriptions, the correct one is

a) DOS is a single user, multi task operating system

b) after the DOS system is started, its internal and external commands have been loaded into the designated area of memory

c) after connecting the printer, Execute DOS command: type T> PRN, the contents of the file t can be printed out in the printer

d) if the system configuration file s cannot be found in the root directory of the DOS system startup disk, the DOS system cannot be correct. For example, start the measurement

(14) the DOS system can receive The system file that executes the user's command input through the keyboard is

a) b) comma (3) machine size

c) d) boot record

(15) one of the main differences between WPS document and non document file is

a) the content of document file is letters and articles, and non document file is other content

b) the content of document file can be printed, Non document files cannot be printed out

c) document files can be set with print control characters, and non document files cannot be set with print control characters

d) document files are composed of Chinese and English characters, and non document files are composed of binary codes

(16) use WPS to create a new document, enter no characters after entering the status, and execute the command of "abandon saving", Then

a) immediately return to the main menu

b) immediately exit WPS and return to the DOS prompt

c) the query window appears on the screen, and after the user answers y, confirm to exit, and then return to the main menu

d) the query window appears on the screen

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