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Editor's note: This is a thank-you letter written by the wife of Pan Weidong, an employee of Sany group, to Linlin, with deep gratitude shining between the lines. Pan Weidong, who has worked in Sany group for nearly 6 years, was found to have severe renal failure on January 15, 2011. After learning this, his Sany Heavy Industry Guangzhou Branch

Editor's note: This is a thank-you letter written by the wife of Pan Weidong, an employee of Sany group, to Linlin. Deep gratitude shines between the lines. At present, there are more than 1million new energy vehicles in the Chinese market. Pan Weidong, who has worked for a group for nearly six years, was found to have severe renal failure on January 15, 2011. After learning this, the leaders and employees of his Sany Heavy Industry Guangzhou branch actively donated money and raised 140000 yuan in three days to send it to pan Weidong. On May 26, due to the sudden deterioration of his condition, there was no time to rescue him. Otherwise, it would affect the measurement operation of the equipment. Fortunately, pan Weidong died. On June 13, Xiang Linlin rushed to Sany Changsha headquarters by car, and specially handed this letter to the Ministry of publicity and culture to express his gratitude

30 years ago, dear company leaders and colleagues:


in order to express my most sincere thanks, I write this thank-you letter that is not enough to express my feelings. Thank Sany group, especially the leaders and colleagues of Guangzhou Branch. Thank you for your selfless help

pan Weiping joined the warm family of Sany group in 2005 and has been working in Guangzhou Branch since then. On January 15th, 2011, under the repeated urging of Liang Zhi, the general manager of Guangzhou Branch, he put down his work and went to the hospital for examination. Mr. Liang Zhi immediately paid for liuhuiliang, the administrative assistant of the company, and asked him to accompany pan Weidong to the hospital. Subsequently, pan Weidong was diagnosed with severe renal failure (uremia), and our family was helpless about the huge medical expenses

at this time, the leaders and colleagues of Sany group, especially the Guangzhou Branch, poured all their money to help us, raising 140000 yuan for our medical expenses. Your good deeds and righteous deeds greatly inspired pan Weiping, who was fighting with the disease on his bed. The next day after he was admitted to the hospital, Mr. Liang Zhi put down his busy work and visited the hospital in person, and asked the doctor for a detailed understanding of his condition, as well as the later treatment and recovery. He repeatedly told him to treat the disease at ease and strive for an early recovery. If he had any difficulties, he would tell him. When the condition was slightly stable and we wanted to return to Hunan for further treatment, Mr. Liang Zhi arranged the staff to send us back to Changsha all the way and arranged relevant matters before leaving. Later, he often called to ask about the treatment, recovery and life difficulties of the condition, encouraging us to have confidence to overcome the disease

On the evening of May 26th, 2011, due to the sudden deterioration of his condition and the lack of rescue, pan Weiping left all those who cared about him forever. After learning the news, Mr. Liang Zhi and other colleagues took time out of their busy schedule to go to pan Weiping's hometown to mourn the next day, and made good arrangements for our mother and son's future life. They didn't leave until the afternoon of the next day

we cannot write every moment that shines with the light of human nature, nor can we describe every minute of warm love and true feelings. On the day we received the donation, we silently said "thank you" in our hearts as if we could say it for a lifetime. However, how can we repay such love and true feelings with more thanks. This touching truth, like the fragrance of April, makes the Trinity family, which has condensed the charm of friendship, more dazzling

thank all leaders, colleagues and friends who donated love. Thank you for your love, thank you



Xiang Linlin

June 8, 2011

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