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Let China 2016 Guangzhou logistics exhibition highlights

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core tips: let ch5.3 compressive strength and flexural strength ina 2016 Guangzhou logistics exhibition highlights 1. The scale of the exhibition is comprehensively upgraded. China (Guangzhou) International logistics equipment and technology exhibition has been building a learning Communication

[China Packaging News] 1. The scale of the exhibition has been comprehensively upgraded

China (Guangzhou) international logistics equipment and technology exhibition has been comprehensively building a learning, communication, cooperation, procurement and experience oriented all-round professional platform since 2016. The scale of the exhibition in 2016 will be expanded by 50%, and pavilions 10.2, 11.2 and 13.2 in Pazhou District B will be wonderful

2. Previous exhibitors have expanded their publicity investment, and the world giants favor South China. After six years of precipitation, letchina has accumulated a lot. Previous exhibitors have expanded their area and publicity investment in 2016. The average growth of old exhibitors is more than 50%, and the booths are in short supply and sell well. Shunli shelf is upgraded from 108 square meters to 225 square meters, and Haitong robot is expanded from 54 square meters to 135 square meters

world giants, logistics system integrators and other heavy equipment have entered the South China market, and have made great efforts to layout brand publicity and market development, increasing investment; Dafu, dematech, today international, Wuxi Zhongding, Dongjie intelligent, Kelu electronics, spino, beiqiyuan and others have signed up for the exhibition

3. High quality buyers meet with you

the world's first "golden ant Award" award ceremony, the supreme annual ceremony of China's logistics industry, was held at the same time in letchina 2016. With the theme of "paying tribute to the profession", this ceremony honors food, medicine, 3C (communications, consumer electronics, computers), automobile, clothing, household chemicals, e-commerce, retail, logistics, home appliances, toys, papermaking, steel, furniture, lighting and other industries, Enterprises and relevant principals with excellent performance in the annual logistics field will be honored with the "golden ant Award". At that time, authoritative institutions of China's logistics industry, manufacturing industry, circulation industry, business associations, senior experts, industry masters, well-known media, and industry leading enterprises will be invited to gather together to witness the "annual supreme ceremony of China's logistics industry", an industry event

4. The visitors at home and abroad are fully covered, and the advantages of the interconnected logistics channel in the Pearl River Delta are highlighted.

during the exhibition, the achievements exhibition and cooperation forum of the connection of the Guiyang Guangzhou South Asia international logistics channel and the Guangdong, Jiangsu, Anhui, Jiangxi and China Australia international logistics channel to the 21st century Maritime Silk Road were held for the first time, and 51 Consulates General in Guangzhou were jointly sent to their countries to invite enterprises to participate in letchina2016, Bring enterprises from hundreds of Chinese and international cities and countries to Guangzhou letchina2016

5. Innovation + upgrading of on-site activities

letchina2016 in order to better serve exhibitors and visitors, the organizing committee has innovated some activities that are very hot and concerned in the market while upgrading previous activities

innovation activities:

2016 China's logistics industry supreme annual ceremony

global smart factory logistics summit

interconnection + Fresh e-commerce and cold chain development summit

interconnection + smart Logistics Forum

smart logistics salon

Maritime Silk Road - international logistics channel cooperation forum

smart drop off transportation cooperation and exchange meeting they also received public reports

pallet Standardization Forum

upgrading activities:

.The China Asia Pacific Logistics exchange and cooperation summit

China (Guangzhou) international e-commerce logistics core competitiveness summit

China (Guangzhou) International Manufacturing Logistics Development Summit

packaging intelligence and Automation Application Development Summit Forum

robot technology innovation and market application Summit Forum

China (Guangzhou) international automotive smart logistics summit

the 7th China (Guangzhou) 2016 International logistics equipment and technology exhibition

time: May, 2016

place: Guangzhou Exhibition hall of China Import and Export Commodities Fair

exhibition consultation organizing committee

address: room of Qisheng exhibition Industrial Park, 2433 Xingang East Road, Guangzhou

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