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Grade I written examination paper (April 2004)

I. multiple choice questions ((1) ~ (30) 1 point per sub question, (31) ~ (55) 2 points per sub question, a total of 80 points)

only one of the following questions a), b), c) and D) is correct. Please write the correct option on the corresponding position of the answer sheet, and answer on the test paper without score

(1) in the performance index of microcomputer, memory capacity refers to

a) rom capacity b) ram capacity

c) sum of ROM and ram capacity d) CD-ROM capacity

(2) 1GB is equal to

a) 1000 × 1000 bytes b) 1000 × one thousand × 1000 bytes

c) 3 × 1024 bytes d) 1024 × one thousand and twenty-four × 1024 bytes

(3) in the following characters, The largest ASCII code value is

a) 8 b) 9 C) a d) b

(4) the function of the controller in the CPU is

a) perform logical operations b) perform arithmetic operations

c) analyze instructions and send corresponding control signals d) only control the work of the CPU

(5) computer software is divided into

a) program and data B) system software and application software

c) operating system and language processing program d) program Data and documents

(6) what can convert the high-level language source program into the target program is

a) compiler b) interpreter C) debugging program d) program

(7) in Windows 98, the mouse pointer is an hourglass like an arrow indicating

a) no task is executing, all tasks are waiting

b) copying task or printing task is executing

c) a task is executing, Cannot perform other tasks

d) you are performing a task, but you can still perform other tasks

(8) in Windows 98, in order to end the program trapped in the loop, the first key to press is

a) ctrl+alt+del b) ctrl+del C) alt+del d) del

(9) the desktop of Windows 98 is a

a) system folder b) user file c) system file d) user folder

(10) in Windows 98, Dragging the title bar of the non maximized window with the mouse can

a) change the size of the window b) close the window

c) move the position of the window due to the limitations of processing the inspection rod and adding the extensometer d) restore the window

(11) in the Windows 98 "my computer" window, if you want to format the selected disk, the first menu you choose is

replace the analysis column, etc.

a) file B) C) view d) tools

(12) in Windows 98, To find a file, The correct method is

a) select the "find" command in the "file" drop-down menu in "Explorer"

b) select the "find" command in the "" drop-down menu in "Explorer"

c) select the "find" command in the "view" drop-down menu in "Explorer"

d) select the "find" command in the "tools" drop-down menu in "Explorer" Command

the use of synchronous sampling technology and digital quantity time correction technology makes the performance of the experimental machine stable and reliable

(13) the folder structure in Windows 98 is a

a) relational structure b) like structure c) object structure d) tree structure

don't cover the dust cover immediately (14) double click a word name (or icon) in "Explorer" or "my computer" and start the word program, And automatically create a new document named "document 1"

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