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Letterpress gold printing technology

properly embellished with gold color on color prints will make the products look gorgeous, noble and worth double. In order to obtain better visual effect of gold printing products, we must carefully analyze and discuss the physical and chemical properties of gold ink, product design and plate making process, and strive to print exquisite gold printing products to meet the requirements of commodity economic development

1. According to the characteristics of gold ink and the nature of paper, design the layout structure of gold printing products. Pay attention to the nature of the paper used in order to achieve better printing effect. For example, glossy paper such as coated paper and glass powder card can give full play to the experience and resource platform advantages of multinational companies and adopt large-area gold plate, but also consider the characteristics of bright and white paper. In the background color gold plate, we should pay attention to highlight the white decoration, that is, make use of the appropriate contrast between the paper gloss and the gold plate, and strive to make the plate achieve a glorious aesthetic effect. For paper with poor smoothness, such as offset paper, large-area gold printing should be avoided as far as possible. In addition, on the same page, the size and thickness of pictures and texts should not differ too much. Yin characters, Yin pictures and Yang characters should not be too small to avoid paste. The golden layout should be superimposed on the dark field as much as possible. For example, the effect of printing gold on red and blue background is better. However, if it is printed on origami or yellow background, the effect is not obvious

2. It is necessary to control the technology of plate loading and ensure the quality of gold printing.

the printing pressure is uniform and sufficient, which is the process requirement to prevent printing from blooming and ensure the printing quality. The traditional wood base plate is not suitable for printing due to the lack of firmness and flatness of the base plate, resulting in poor printing effect. Therefore, the gold plate holder should be made of metallic materials with high compressive strength and good flatness, such as magnetic plate holder and aluminum bottom holder, which can better prevent the ink color blooming caused by the variation of pressure in the middle of printing. When the layout is not flat enough, you can use cutting paper to paste the pad in the drum lining. The pasting position should be accurate, and the glue liquid should be thinly brushed and evenly, so as to ensure that the pressure of the printing layout is sufficient and uniform, and maintain good ink quality

3. reasonably adjust the rubber roller to improve the effect of gold printing process

the difference between letterpress gold printing and other color real map plates is that it requires fewer ink leveling rollers and inking rollers. This is because the faster the speed of the printing machine is, the greater the heat generated by the rotating friction between the ink rollers will be, which will promote the gold mixing powder particles in the gold ink to remain on the ink roller to condense and dry, and the accumulation of remaining ink will be more and more, Inevitably, the transmission performance of gold ink will decline. In addition, because there are too many ink rollers, the gold powder cannot be transferred to the printing plate quickly. With the increase of the ink roller friction system, the protective layer on the surface of the gold powder (i.e. stearic acid and other substances) is easy to be destroyed, resulting in the oxidation and discoloration of the gold powder and the loss of brightness effect

the printing gold ink should also use rubber rollers that are both soft and elastic. The surface of the rubber rollers must be smooth and flat without scratches. Cots with hardened, cracked, wrinkled skin cannot be used. During printing, the pressure between the rubber roller and the iron roller should also be adjusted reasonably, and both sides of the adjacent ink roller should maintain good contact. The contact roller brush between the inking roller and the printing plate should also ensure that the quality is unstable, light and uniform, so as to avoid the occurrence of plate pasting

to sum up, the relief gold printing process can not only improve the production efficiency through the above control, but also effectively remove the sample and repeat step 2 to ensure the printing quality

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