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How about the new 2019 coolletv r4mini projector? Get started with the advantages and disadvantages evaluation

this coolletv ordinary life r4mini projector is a new projector in 2019. It supports the projector and is recommended by the digital God evaluation. Later, this projector was planted and used for a period of time to share views:

coolletv r4mini projector real use evaluation experience:

this coolletv r4mini projector feels good at first sight, it is small, and the baby is very good, The projection under the light is also relatively clear. After turning off the light at night, the effect is better, and the sound effect exceeds my expectation. I tried the wireless projection of the laptop, and the operation is also very convenient and fast. I am used to project the school content for children. Children like it very much, and it can also protect their eyesight

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coolletv r4mini projector price quotation:

coolletv r4mini projector household small portable 2019 new mini projection micro wall movie projector home theater WiFi wireless dormitory students

[at the price] 1599.00 yuan

[after the ticket price] 1499.00 yuan

--------- for this reason -------------

[get the ticket immediately] Click the link to get the ticket: poor quality

[activity quotation] Click the link to check 2. From the use performance of Jinan experimental machine: look at tmall activity quotation:

coolletv r4mini projector configuration parameters:

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