The hottest level-1 DOS written examination paper,

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First level DOS written examination paper (September 1995)

I. Multiple choice questions ((1) ~ (30) 1 point per question, (31) ~ (50) 2 points per question, a total of 70 points)

of the following questions a, B, C, d) four options, only one option is correct, please paint the correct option on the answer sheet

1. The first computer to store programs is _____

iac sac VAC ivac

2.286 microcomputer is _u____

a.16-bit machine b.8-bit machine c.32-bit machine D. quasi 16 bit machine

3 Binary number 1110 × The result of the operation of 1101 is _____

A. B. C. D.

4. The logical expression 1010 ∨ 1011 is equal to _____

A.1010 B.1011 C.1100 D.1110

5. The maximum number in the following data is _____

a. (227) O B. (1ff) H C. () B D. (789) d

ter key is _u___

a. input key B. enter line feed key C. space bar D. shift key

7.5 inch floppy disk write protection port has been sealed, in this case _____

a. can only read the disk, not write the disk B. can both read and write the disk

c. can only write the disk, not read the disk D. cannot read the disk, nor write the disk

8 In microcomputer, VGA means ______

a. microcomputer model B. hard disk model C. display standard D. display model

9 The type of printer with high speed and high resolution is _____

a. non hitting type B. laser type C. hitting type D. dot matrix

am memory is ____

a. static random access memory B. static read only memory

c. dynamic random access memory D. dynamic read only memory

11 The correct one in the following description of DOS operation is _____

a. the valid date and time must be entered when starting. B. after the keyman command, the command is executed immediately

c. after the keyman command is pressed and the Enter key is pressed, the command is executed. D. the function of boot is to load DOS into the hard disk

12 The external commands of the following DOS commands are _____


13. The DOS command to copy all explicit files on the disk by copying files one by one is______ Select the target and the experimental force. If you pull (or press) to a certain deformation, it will end



14. The DOS command to replace all files on disk B with files with the same name on disk a is _u___

PLACE A:*。* B:/A/R PLACE A:*。* B:/r

place a:* reduce energy consumption* B:/S/R PLAcE A:*。* B:/P

15. The DOS command that displays all directory structures and file names on the specified disk is _u___


16. In DOS state, to immediately interrupt the processing currently in progress and cannot resume the original processing, the key to be pressed is _uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuy

a. Ctrl, B. Ctrl, C

orders of China's plastic extruder enterprises rose sharply C. Ctrl, P, D. Ctrl, s

17 In the Chinese character system, Chinese characters are stored in the Chinese character library

a. internal code B. external code C. font D. national standard code

18 In the commonly used Chinese character system, the number of bytes to store the internal code of a Chinese character is _____

A.1 B.2 C.4 D.8

19. If WPS is used as a program, you should select ______inthe main list


20. In the state of WPS, a block can be defined. When defining the block head, the position where the block head mark appears is _u___

a. the position of the cursor B. the position after the cursor

c. the position before the cursor D. the current position at the beginning of the line

21 In the FOXBASE environment, the content displayed after performing the following operations is _u___

。 Store "grade" to ch

.? Ch "examination"

a. grade examination B. grade C. examination D. grade examination

22 In FOXBASE, the value of the function right ("draw the sample icon", 4) is _u____

Aw B.i C.w on

23. In FOXBASE, the type of the function CTOD ("05/20/95") is _u____

a. character type B. date type C. number type D. string

24 At f6 The distance between the yoke and the armature of the tooth type electromagnetic clutch is not suitable for oxbase, and the value of the function round (1360.175, -2) is _u____

A.1362.180 B.1400.000 C

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