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National polypropylene Information Week

the overall situation of the national market: the national polypropylene market sales remain smooth, and the price is becoming more and more stable

one week's enterprise production dynamics: this week, the first-line production of Yanshan Petrochemical, a large granular material enterprise, is normal, the second and third lines continue to be shut down for maintenance, and the work will start next month; China's "Hygienic standard for the use of additives for food containers and packaging materials" (gb9685 ⑵ 008) also limits the migration amount of some plasticizers. Liaoyang Petrochemical stopped working for maintenance; One of the three production units of Dalian Petrochemical will be shut down for half a month after maintenance. Powder enterprises Shijiazhuang PP plant, Cangzhou Shihua, Qingdao Petrochemical continue to shut down for maintenance; Many other enterprises have normal production. Panjin Ethylene, Jiujiang Petrochemical, Wuhan Phoenix, Maoming Petrochemical and other enterprises are producing special materials

one week's enterprise price quotation: this week, the average ex factory price of granular drawing grade of polypropylene production enterprises across the country was 5800 yuan/ton, and six companies adjusted the price, four of which increased, two of which decreased, with an average increase or decrease of +37 yuan/ton; The average ex factory price of powder is 5535 yuan/ton, and the average preferential price is 5510 yuan/ton. Five powder enterprises have adjusted prices this week, two have increased prices, and three have reduced prices, with an average increase or decrease of -26 yuan/ton. The average ex factory price of granular special materials is 6090 yuan/ton, and the prices of five companies are increased by an average of 90 yuan/ton. This week, the sales of various production enterprises remained stable, and the prices became stronger after benign consolidation

one week's enterprise inventory: whether the inventory of polypropylene production enterprises nationwide has decreased or increased this week, and most enterprises have little or no inventory. Social inventory is kept at a low level along with purchase and sale. At present, popularity is returning, people are stable, sales are good, and inventory is low

one week national market analysis: this week, the national polypropylene market price is generally stable, and the special material market is obviously optimistic. The wire drawing material market came out of the downturn in September. After benign consolidation, the price has a bullish trend in different regions. Due to uneven regional development, Guangzhou Petrochemical rose too fast, the price in the Central Plains was gradually stable, the Northeast was stable, and Jiangsu and Zhejiang fluctuated slightly, but it was still stable on the whole, sweeping away the trend of continuous price reduction in the previous months. At present, the overall trend of domestic polypropylene market is very favorable. First, the market price of general plastics in Asia is rising, which has a positive impact on China; Second, the domestic special material market is optimistic, which will drive the wire drawing market and relieve the pressure on the price difference between granular material and powder material, and the powder material market will stabilize and further support granular material; Third, domestic demand will not decrease. No matter how high or low the domestic market price is, the overall supply is insufficient and depends on imports; Fourth, on the National Day holiday of "October 1st", after the consensus of market participants is formed, otherwise, the fixture operation may exceed the limit of travel and cause the increasing destruction of equipment; Fifth, the domestic market is an independent region, and foreign factors have an influence, but not a decisive role; Although the international crude oil market price has fallen sharply recently, due to the influence of US politics on OPEC member countries, the market will soon be calm and the price will stabilize. Therefore, Captain Jiang of the domestic polypropylene market and even the "October 1st" said that it is also certain after the National Day: he has brought rare stability in Turkish politics and will be further stabilized

recent market forecast for next week: the national polypropylene market price remains stable, and the demand is increasing

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