The hottest national nuclear power and Lockheed Ma

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Recently, the operation steps of the National Nuclear Power Technology Corporation: the National Nuclear Automation System Engineering Co., Ltd. and the Lockheed Martin company signed an agreement in Washington, the United States. The two sides will jointly develop a new generation of nuclear reactor safety digital I & C system and platform by means of technical cooperation

the share price of nuclear power is 1.45 euros per share. As the arithmetic mean value of 10 samples taken from the nuclear power plant, the station's digital I & C system is one of the important contents of China's third-generation nuclear power technology autonomy. Among them, the safety level digital I & C system platform technology must pass the safety certification of the government nuclear safety regulatory authority. However, the production capacity, output and market share of domestic special engineering plastics are very small. It is a highly difficult technology recognized in the world, and it is still a technical blank in China. This cooperation with world advanced enterprises will fill this gap and help promote the independent development of China's nuclear power digital instrumentation and control field from a high starting point

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