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On June 12, 2009, the first design liaison meeting of Hunan Taohuajiang nuclear power plant project, one of the first three generation AP1000 inland nuclear power projects in China, was held in Shanghai. Marked by the fact that graphite is currently the third class mineral in China, Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute (hereinafter referred to as "Shanghai Institute") of "national nuclear power" as the general contracting Institute of project design officially launched the engineering design of Hunan Taohuajiang nuclear power plant project

nearly 50 leaders of Hunan Taohuajiang Nuclear Power Co., Ltd., Shanghai Institute of national nuclear power, East China Electric Power Design Institute (hereinafter referred to as East China Institute), Hunan Electric Power Survey and Design Institute (hereinafter referred to as Hunan Institute) and relevant personnel from all parties attended the meeting

according to the division of labor arrangement of the owner of Hunan Taohuajiang nuclear power plant project, Shanghai Institute, as the design general contracting Institute of Hunan Taohuajiang nuclear power plant project, undertakes the engineering design and technical services of the whole plant, and the design tasks of nuclear island (Ni) and related nuclear power plant supporting facilities (BOP); As a subcontractor of the conventional island, East China Institute is responsible for the design of the conventional island (CI) and related BOP, and is responsible for the overall performance of the conventional island; Hunan Institute, as a subcontractor of East China Institute, undertakes the design tasks of some CIS. The participants had a serious discussion on the design division, general layout plan, design schedule before FCD, design coordination system and other topics, and reached a broad consensus

the meeting discussed the general layout of Hunan Taohuajiang nuclear power plant proposed by Shanghai Institute, and made it clear that the general layout of the project is arranged in parallel and in series according to the main power house, and the cooling tower is designed according to the scheme of one machine and one tower

the meeting discussed the preliminary design of Hunan Taohuajiang nuclear power plant project, the preparation and division of labor and schedule of preliminary safety analysis report (PSAR), and clarified the schedule of design work before pouring the first tank of concrete (FCD), such as technical support for long-term equipment manufacturing, design of module assembly site, design of steel containment (CV) assembly plant, etc

Hunan Taohuajiang nuclear power plant is a follow-up AP1000 autonomous design project based on the standard design of AP1000 inland nuclear power plant, which carries out the adaptive design of the relevant contents of the plant site, and combines the engineering experience feedback and design improvement of the three generations of nuclear power autonomous support projects (Sanmen Nuclear Power Plant phase I project, Haiyang nuclear power plant phase I project)

in accordance with the unified deployment of "national nuclear power", Shanghai Institute of technology officially launched the standard design work of China's inland AP1000 nuclear power plant in early 2008, and will basically complete the preliminary design and preliminary safety analysis report of the simulated plant site of the AP1000 inland nuclear power plant by December 31, 2009, so as to technically ensure that the first batch of inland plant sites are qualified for pouring the first tank of concrete by the end of 2010

Hunan Taohuajiang nuclear power station is located in xiejiatangchong, xiaochetang village, Zhanxi Township, Taojiang County, Yiyang City, Hunan Province, on the right bank of Zishui. The plant site is 16.5 kilometers away from Taojiang County in the East, 31 kilometers away from Yiyang City, 7 kilometers away from the 90 °/180 ° peel strength test of adhesive tape, 59 kilometers away from Changde City in the north, 79 kilometers away from Anhua in the west, about 98 kilometers away from Loudi City in the south, and 108 kilometers away from Changsha City in the Southeast (all refer to a straight-line distance). The planned installed capacity of the project is 4 million KW AP1000 pressurized water reactor nuclear power units, which will be constructed in stages. The project started in May, 2006, and was officially approved by the national development and Reform Commission to "agree to carry out preliminary work" in February, 2008. On May 21st, 2008, CNNC Hunan Taohuajiang Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. was registered and established, fully responsible for the construction, operation and management of Hunan Taohuajiang nuclear power plant project

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