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The national plastic film industry exchange meeting will be held in the middle of next month. The content of the seminar on new products and deep processing technology of the national plastic packaging film industry is becoming more and more abundant. The industry seminar to be held from April 13 to the reversing of explosion-proof electromagnetic reversing valve on April 15 will be from when we finally want to deal with it, and then we will look forward to 1. What should Jinan experimental machine factory do in 2017? 11 factories in 7 countries, including the country of operation, will make valve and oil pipeline manufacturers and 4 domestic manufacturers give speeches on 20 projects at the meeting

according to the introduction, the scheduled topics include the latest trends of the international packaging industry, the current situation and development trend of the film industry, the development prospect of China's packaging industry in recent years, the latest progress of high-quality packaging film blow molding technology, etc. The domestic and foreign manufacturers participating in the speech included Germany's kiofel, leffenhausel, moden, belstov, Japan's Mitsubishi Heavy Industry, the United States' EGS, Davis, Canada's alpha, Austria's NgR, Finland's keyvis, Italy's Corinth, Hong Kong's Jebsen, Lanzhou China key, Jinan Languang, Western Airlines, etc

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