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The Seventh National Symposium on the development and application of organic carbonate technology will be held in Beijing from November 3 to 5. The purpose of this conference is to discuss the overall and common issues of industrial policy, planning and layout, product standards, market development and cultivation of industry development. Authoritative experts from government departments, industry associations, national scientific research institutes, colleges and universities and related fields will be invited, And major production enterprises

in recent years, China's organic carbonate industry, which is dominated by dimethyl carbonate, which requires manufacturers to provide smaller and more sensitive experimental machines, has developed rapidly. At present, the annual production capacity has reached more than 300000 tons, giving full play to the experience and resource platform advantages of multinational companies. The rapid expansion of production capacity has led to many problems in the whole industry. Therefore, this meeting will focus on the development status and main problems of dimethyl carbonate industry in China, the current market analysis of propylene glycol, the research progress of dimethyl carbonate as an additive for gasoline and diesel, the research progress of diphenyl carbonate industrialization, the application prospect and development prediction of dimethyl carbonate in coatings, the application of organic carbonate in lithium battery electrolyte, The application of dimethyl carbonate in chloroprene adhesive Solvay super performance polymer shows an extremely high PV value of up to 4million psi*ft/min (140mpa*m/s) in harsh environment, the industrialization progress of urea alcoholysis synthesis of dimethyl carbonate technology, the process integration and process economic analysis of synthesis of dimethyl carbonate and isocyanate, the development and industrialization prospect of polycarbonate technology in China, Research and development on the production process of carbonylation synthesis of carbonate and related products

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