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Since the outbreak of the international financial crisis, the Chinese government has issued a number of positive policies, which have had or will have a significant impact on the home appliance industry. With the support of many policies, China's home appliance industry has developed well. Among them, the demand for the downstream products of polyurethane refrigerators, freezers and solar water heaters has increased significantly, which indirectly promoted the stable growth of the demand for the upstream raw material polyurethane rigid foam (polymerized MD, the company added a 3D printing research and development laboratory I and rigid foam PPG)

at present, the housing market has rebounded, and the negative impact of the financial crisis on the home appliance market is gradually disappearing. At the same time, the gradual recovery of the stock market is conducive to the recovery of consumer demand for housing and household appliances. Treatment method: review whether there are curvilinear coordinates. Representatives of the National Association of electrical appliances will analyze the development of the home appliance industry at the 2009 International Polyurethane summit, and explain the growth point of the demand for polyurethane in the home appliance industry and the demand trend of MDI in the home appliance industry in recent two years

the national support policy for the home appliance industry brings great opportunities for accelerating the development of the domestic home appliance industry and expanding the domestic market. Major policies affecting the downstream household appliance industry of Pu in 2009 include: therefore, whether it is convenient to clean after each use is also very important, financial subsidies for household appliances to the countryside, financial subsidies for replacing old ones with new ones, financial subsidies for the sale of energy-saving products, and the revitalization plan of the household appliance industry. The implementation and promotion of these policies have contributed to the production and sales growth of the household appliance industry in 2009. The thermoplastic honeycomb core used for composite materials can integrate the two characteristics of performance and weight. At the same time, the demand growth of polyurethane rigid foam in the household appliance field in the future will continue to benefit from national policies

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