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National policies support the rapid progress of remanufacturing industry

Introduction: in May 2010, 11 ministries and commissions including the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of industry and information technology issued the opinions on promoting the development of remanufacturing industry, marking that remanufacturing, as an important part of energy-saving and environmental protection industry, has entered the fast track of development. One year later, on September 1, 2011, these eight items can be output. The national development and Reform Commission issued the "on deepening remanufacture trials..." he Minghui recalled that in May 2010, 11 ministries and commissions including the national development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of industry and information technology issued the "opinions on promoting the development of remanufacture industry", marking that remanufacture, as an important part of energy conservation and environmental protection industry, has entered the fast lane of development. A year later, in September 2011, the national development and Reform Commission issued the notice on deepening the pilot work of remanufacture again, which led the remanufacture industry to a broader field

the state has issued policies frequently, which shows its support for the remanufacturing industry. After more than a year of development, what is the current strength of China's remanufacturing industry? The judgment of industry experts is that the progress is rapid, but there are hidden worries

the rapid development of China's remanufacture industry

remanufacture refers to the batch production process of professionally repairing waste parts, engineering machinery, etc., which is an advanced form of "recycling" of circular economy. Qualified remanufactured products should be able to achieve the same quality and performance as the original new products. Xu Binshi, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and director of the national defense science and Technology Key Laboratory of equipment remanufacture technology of the Academy of Armored Forces Engineering, said: "the characteristics of remanufacture are that the quality and performance of products are not lower than that of new products, and the cost is only 50% of that of new products. It can save more than 60% energy, save more than 70% materials, and reduce the emission of air pollutants by more than 80%

the United States is the first country to carry out remanufacture, and now its output value has reached $100billion, which can provide 1million jobs. China's remanufacturing industry started late, but it has also made great progress in recent years. This is mainly reflected in supporting policies and key technology research

Since 2005, China has been continuously improving the relevant support policies for the remanufacturing industry. Before the "opinions on promoting the development of remanufacturing industry" issued by 11 ministries and commissions in 2010, China has issued a series of policies. For example, in 2005, the State Council issued several opinions on accelerating the development of circular economy, which clearly proposed to support the development of remanufacture; In 2007, six ministries and commissions issued the notice on organizing the pilot work of circular economy demonstration, and selected enterprises and local governments with typical demonstration significance such as equipment remanufacture to carry out the pilot work; In 2009, China issued the circular economy promotion law, which clearly stated that "the State supports enterprises to carry out remanufacture". In addition, the outline of the 12th Five year plan also takes the development of remanufacturing industry as an important content. The continuous introduction of remanufacturing regulations and policies has created a good external environment for industrial development

an important way to promote the development of remanufacturing industry in China is to carry out pilot work. At present, China has carried out Pilot Remanufacturing in many enterprises, which has promoted industrial development. The pilot work has provided conditions for exploring core recycling, remanufacturing production, implementing human production item by item, and establishing a circulation system for remanufactured products. The pilot gave birth to specialized enterprises and effectively improved the specialization of the remanufacturing industry. In addition, in terms of technological foundation, China has developed a number of key remanufacturing technologies; In terms of theoretical basis, the life prediction and evaluation model is also preliminarily established

it can be said that China has formed a remanufacturing mode with Chinese characteristics. This model can maximize the development and utilization of the value contained in waste resources, alleviate the contradiction between resource shortage and resource waste, and reduce the environmental harm of a large number of invalid and discarded products. China has become the largest supplier of natural graphite in the world. Remanufacturing has become the best form and preferred way of recycling waste mechanical and electrical products

the standard system needs to be improved

however, due to the late start of China's remanufacturing industry and the lack of technology accumulation, the absence of standards is serious, which hinders the wide application of remanufacturing to a certain extent

insiders said that summarizing the experience of the development of remanufacturing industry in developed countries, we can find that a good policy environment and a perfect standard system play a vital role. In foreign countries, the government has equipped a relatively perfect legal and policy system in core recycling, product production and sales, and actively guided industrial development and market application. In China, a complete remanufacturing policy system has not yet been formed, and the necessary standards have not yet been issued. For example, two key remanufacturing standards, scrap standards and product quality standards, are missing, which is not conducive to the standardized and healthy development of the remanufacturing industry

due to the lack of authoritative standards and norms that can be used as a basis, disputes about the quality, cycle, service and other aspects of remanufactured products occur from time to time, which to a certain extent leads to the production of fake and shoddy remanufactured products and affects the healthy development of remanufactured industry. Wu Shu, general manager of Jilin haorong Nonferrous Metals Group, called for the formulation of strict standards and management measures to eliminate the circulation of fake and shoddy remanufactured products

in addition, China's remanufacturing process technology and equipment catalogue and other guiding documents have not yet been formed, the supporting incentives to promote core recycling, remanufactured product sales and other aspects are insufficient, and the construction of industry standardized management system lags behind, resulting in a series of disadvantages, such as poor core source and product sales channels, low enterprise management level, uneven product quality and so on

remanufacturing industry is an industry with strong relevance and systematicness. Foreign development experience shows that relying on the manufacturing industry base and strengthening the construction of supporting service capacity is the basic requirement for the development of remanufacturing industry. Therefore, China should study and formulate special regulations on remanufacture and gradually improve the relevant legal and regulatory system; Support industry associations and relevant enterprises to formulate quality standards for core recycling and remanufactured products; Improve the legal system of industrial development, set up enterprise access thresholds, and strengthen the supervision of all links of remanufacture; Encourage the introduction of local norms to promote the development of remanufacturing industry, build a number of remanufacturing industry bases or parks, and accelerate the cluster development of remanufacturing industry

it is an inevitable measure to ensure that the remanufacturing industry embarks on the road of standardization to establish a systematic and perfect remanufacturing process and technical standards, quality inspection standards and other systems as soon as possible

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