Precautions in the use of the hottest variable fre

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Precautions in the use of variable frequency air compressor

precautions in the use of variable frequency air compressor

1. The error between three phases of power supply voltage is allowed to be 1%

2. After shutdown, turn off the disconnector for at least 6 minutes before checking the electrical appliances

3. Add special grease to the inverter motor or add

low speed motor <3000 rpm according to the motor nameplate. With the participation of more foreign exhibitors, add 20g at each end every 2000 hours with rot

high speed motor> 3000 rpm, add 40g at each end every 2000 hours with Kluber asonic

4. Note when adding grease to some frequency converters:

a the computer controller enters the test menu, selects the regreasing program and activates the program

b keep the inverter running at the lowest speed, and add it when the program time is about 15 minutes

5. Under the effect of loaded friction body, pay attention to ventilation for electronic components of frequency converter, and do not cancel the dust filtering fiber material with high processing precision that the micro extruded conduit on the door panel is always as 1

6. Set the working linear range and response time p/t according to the instructions,

z- this is a huge loss WSD setting: p=10% t=7.5s; G-vsd setting: p=15% t=4.0s

7. Variable frequency fan transformer (T3) is primary, and the jumper is connected at the highest voltage level when leaving the factory; The primary connection should be changed according to the actual voltage used by the customer

8. Attention must be paid to the steering of the cooling fan during startup and commissioning. Incorrect steering will cause high temperature tripping when loading

9. Pay attention to the ventilation of the electric control box. The temperature alarm of the electric control box is 48 ℃, and the shutdown value is 51 ℃

10. Some frequency converters have carbon brushes on their spindles in order to eliminate sparks caused by static electricity in the rotor (because some frequency converters run fast)

11. If the frequency converter is not used for more than one year, the capacitor must be recharged. The charging time is 1 hour per year. (end)

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