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In recent years, the advantages of flexographic printing have been increasingly concerned by people. For example, there is still a lack of or no high-level R & D institutions, which has been popularized rapidly in the field of packaging and printing. It adopts the direct printing method, with bright graphics and text colors, fast plate making speed, short printing cycle, simple mechanical structure, strong adaptability to materials, film, paper, plastic PE film and other materials are suitable and have high printing resistance, a large number of printing colors, and most of the inks used are pollution-free water-based or alcohol-based inks, which meet the requirements of environmental protection. These characteristics open up a broad application prospect for the packaging and printing of commodities, especially food and medicine. Among them, the most prominent advantage of flexographic printing is that it can form a linkage production line with other processes. The traditional printing process is that the sheet fed is printed on the offset press and then processed by other processes. While the flexographic printing machine can set up a post press processing device for online operation after the development of the printing unit TPE has a great relationship with the development of the automotive industry. Compared with the traditional process, it can improve production efficiency and reduce costs, Shorten the preparation time

according to the calculation of relevant departments, due to the fast startup and operation speed, simple operation, energy saving, and many processes can be completed at one time, the operation cost of using flexographic printing for production is much lower than offset printing machine and gravure printing machine. Although flexographic printing machine is particularly suitable for the packaging and printing industry with its advantages, these are from its overall concept, requiring a flexographic printing machine to be omnipotent, which is neither possible nor economical. Therefore, it is very important to choose flexographic printing machine economically and reasonably. Generally speaking, the following problems should be paid attention to when purchasing

I. model selection

at present, flexographic printing machines have been obviously divided into two categories: narrow width and wide width, which are bounded by about 600mm. Narrow width flexographic printing machines are mainly used to print paper and paperboard, and most of them are unit type connecting printing machines; Wide width flexographic printing machine is mainly used to print film and aluminum foil, electronic universal experimental machine, digital sensor adopts several different working principles and other materials, and its structure is mostly satellite type or laminated type. The former mainly prints trademarks, folding cartons and other products, and the narrow width flexographic printing machines of alliedgear, Concord, mcandi, Stevens and webtron have post press processing functions; The latter mainly undertakes the printing of various composite flexible packaging materials, packaging bags, paper cups, etc. because in the field of composite flexible packaging printing, wide width flexographic printing machines have gradually replaced gravure printing machines, and it is difficult for flexographic printing machines to print color layered samples from gravure printing samples, while the cost of flexographic printing (printing plates, production efficiency, equipment investment) is lower than gravure printing, and it is also better than gravure printing in terms of environmental protection requirements, The manufacturers mainly include ceroody, billoni, w&h, f&k, Stevens, schneville, etc. Among them, the new soloflex satellite flexographic printing machine exhibited by w&h company in the United States has a printing width of 620mm and can print 6 or 8 colors, which is very suitable for small batch printing

II. Machine configuration selection

generally speaking, there is a problem of selecting machine configuration after selecting the model according to needs. In particular, the unit flexographic press has many configuration schemes for its subsequent processing units, so it should be selected according to actual needs, and it is not necessary to configure all of them. For example, hot stamping unit, glazing unit, marking and punching unit, die-cutting unit and die-cutting cylinder, etc. if they are not used for the time being, they do not need to be configured, so as to avoid unnecessary waste. Various components of the unit type flexographic press can be configured when needed

III. configuration of corrugated rollers

a major feature of flexographic printing machine is that it uses corrugated rollers to transfer ink. Ceramic corrugated rollers are wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant and have long service life, but the price is high; The durability of the metal roller is slightly poor, but the price is low. The metal roller can be completely used for medium and low-grade printing materials; Different roller point shapes also have different printing effects, which can be determined according to specific products; Another main basis for selecting the corrugation roller is the number of lines. Different lines of printed matter need different corrugation rollers. Generally, the ratio of the number of lines of printed matter to the number of lines of the corrugation roller is about 1:4. In addition, when purchasing a machine, it should be noted that a machine cannot be equipped with several wrinkle rollers with several units. Generally, it can be configured according to twice the number of units. For example, a six unit flexo press can be equipped with root wrinkle rollers, and the number of lines of these wrinkle rollers should be different, so that they can be used together when printing different prints

IV. die cutting cylinder configuration

different printing materials should be equipped with different die cutting cylinders, but the die cutting quality and service life of different die cutting cylinders are different. There are mainly two types of die-cutting drum: wrapped type and integral type. The integral die-cutting drum has a long service life, and the die-cutting can not be damaged by hammering. The quality is good but the price is high, while the wrapped type is the opposite; There are two die-cutting methods: cutting and pressing. The former has high die-cutting precision and long service life, but the price is high, while the latter is the opposite. Therefore, it is necessary to determine what kind of die-cutting drum to choose according to different prints, different requirements and printing quantities

v. selection of drying system

the drying system of flexographic printing can be roughly divided into hot air drying system, far-infrared drying system and UV curing system, which should be determined according to the printing material, ink and working environment

in addition, if you want to print a good print, in addition to selecting the correct model and various configurations, you should also study the conditions of various supporting equipment, such as the quality of plate materials, ink quality, etc., not only to select the appropriate equipment, but also to have a good match of various materials. Due to the flexibility of the printing plate, improper pressure in the printing process will deform the points, and the printing pressure is difficult to master, so the scaling ratio should be considered in plate making

VI. common flexographic printing machines in the market

(1) Aqua FL ex's unit flexographic printing machine

among the many imported flexographic printing machine brands, Canada's unit flexographic printing machine can better meet the specific needs of China's packaging and printing market at this stage. Yajiafa flexographic printing machine has a strong drying capacity. Three drying methods, cold air (also known as natural air), far infrared and hot air, are combined together. At the same time, hot air drying is divided into three grades: low, medium and high; The rear of the machine adopts a high-power (6hp) centralized air inlet and exhaust system, which greatly improves the overall drying capacity of the system; The structure is firm and durable, and adopts The 5-inch thick steel wallboard and the necessary reinforcement of the die-cutting unit are suitable for long-time and heavy load processing of thick paper orders; Pay attention to the serialization of products. The substrate materials can be divided into paper type and aluminum foil/plastic film type; Adopt high-precision helical gear, and the transmission is stable; Automatic oil dripping lubrication is adopted, which avoids frequent daily maintenance and can automatically clean the printing plate

(2) ekofa series flexographic printing machine

ekofa series flexographic printing machine has many different models from 1 color to 12 colors, 2.10 inches to 56 inches; The width can be from mm, and the printing thickness can be from μ m. The width of repeated printing can reach mm; It has a drawer design that facilitates the rapid installation and replacement of color deck components; Infrared and hot air drying, fast drying speed. The machine is suitable for various printing materials such as paperboard, coated paper, self-adhesive, aluminum foil and plastic non stretched film, and has excellent printing effect. When used with non-toxic water-based ink and UV ink, it can meet the environmental protection printing standard, especially suitable for the printing of food and drug packaging

(3) rxj60700a web satellite six color flexographic printing machine

rxj60700a web satellite six color flexographic printing machine is produced by Shaanxi printing machine factory. The diameter of the central embossing cylinder of the machine is 1500mm. It adopts a double wall structure. During the printing process, there is circulating cooling water for cooling, and it is equipped with high-precision helical gears, hydraulic brakes, precision registration devices and hydraulic clutch systems, To ensure the accuracy and stability of overprint and clutch position; The ink supply system adopts spraying ceramic roller, which can be equipped with closed two-way scraper system or traditional double roller system according to the needs of users; Equipped with high-precision closed-loop tension control system, it is easy to operate, stable and reliable. Hot air drying consists of intermittent drying and centralized drying, and is equipped with automatic feeding and cross cutting devices

(4) tcf-c satellite flexographic printing machine

tcf-c satellite flexographic printing machine is a mature product developed by Sun Corporation (Sun Machinery Manufacturing Institute of Japan), which inherits the advantages of high efficiency and accurate overprinting of satellite rotary printing machine, and realizes a high level of flexible printing. The machine adopts 1600mm central metal large pressing cylinder, which can carry up to 8 groups of printing color groups to realize the simultaneous printing of eight color groups; By configuring the turnover device, the front and back printing is realized, which is more suitable for complex and changeable printing moving parts; The satellite structure, coupled with the compact paper design, ensures the high accuracy of 8-color overprint and realizes high efficiency and high quality printing; The cooling water circulation device is set in the pressure cylinder, which solves the problems of material deformation and ink emulsification when the film is printed, and ensures that the color change of the printing pattern is clear and rich; It realizes the on-line production of various processes, such as silk printing, hot and cold stamping, round pressing, flat die cutting, etc., which improves the printing efficiency to the greatest extent and reduces the waste of paper materials and time in the process of multiple printing; It is suitable for printing carriers of various specifications and materials, including paper, BOPP film, PVC film, PE film, toothpaste hose, etc

(5) yr420 web flexographic printing machine

yr420 web flexographic printing machine is a unit type printing machine, which has the functions of quantitative paper feeding, flexographic printing, UV glazing, circular die cutting, waste rewinding, longitudinal slitting, sheet cutting and so on. The machine is equipped with PLC controller, touch screen, two-level tension automatic control system, coil deviation correction device, hot air drying system, UV curing device, electrostatic eliminator, etc. through the user's purchase of the selected single machine and accessories, it can also increase the functions of sticky surface printing of self-adhesive materials, reverse printing of various materials, indentation line, embossing, printing image detection system, rewinding, film coating, hot stamping, punching and so on. Yr420 web flexographic printing machine is an ideal equipment for printing all kinds of packaging boxes, bottle stickers and labels of medium and high grade. It is suitable for printing self-adhesive, coated paper, cardboard, aluminum foil, PVC, pet, BOPP plastic film and other printing materials

(6) yt460 unit type flexographic printing machine

the yt460 unit type flexographic printing machine produced by Taihang printing plant has the functions of multi-color printing, infrared drying, UV glazing, online flat die cutting, circular die cutting, film coating, reel, slitting, slicing, double axis rewinding and automatic collection of slicing. It has uniform ink supply and accurate overprinting. It is mainly used for the printing of color cartons, common trademarks and self-adhesive labels, and is formed in one-time linkage. In addition, the automatic tension control, automatic deviation correction, wrinkle roll, static image detector, frequency modulation main motor, key bearings, pneumatic components and some electrical control components of yt460 unit flexographic printing machine all adopt imported components. The key mechanical parts are formed in the machining center through CNC milling machine, CNC lathe and high-precision grinding and cutting. The assembly accuracy and print quality of the whole machine have reached the imported level

flexographic printing products have the characteristics of rich levels, bright colors, accurate chromaticity, and compliance with environmental protection requirements, which provide a strong guarantee for the quality of packaging and decoration prints. With people

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