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Precautions when choosing paper cutter

paper cutter is a necessary processing equipment for printing enterprises. The following aspects should be paid attention to when choosing paper cutter

1. Safety

paper cutter is different from other mechanical products and belongs to the four level risk machine with the highest risk level. When choosing paper cutter products, we must focus on investigating their safety and reliability. If the paper cutter presser has a fall prevention device; Whether the moving parts can be equipped with a fully sealed safety cover to avoid personal injury caused by accidental fracture of parts; Whether there is infrared electronic control system and electronic safety knife lock to prompt the safety range during the operation of the cutter

2. Mechanical structure

the earliest mechanical paper cutter uses spring pressure to press paper, and uses slider structure to push paper. The structure is relatively simple, and the debugging and maintenance are relatively simple. However, the paper pressure is small, and the cutting accuracy is poor, which can not meet the requirements of high-level printing for paper cutting accuracy, and there is no domestic experts and media generally believe that it can meet the requirements of medium and high-end packaging and printing products. In the 1950s and 1960s, there appeared a double guide rail paper cutter with a working platform without slots. Later, it was gradually replaced by the dovetail slot structure of the German Bora company. At present, some domestic machines 2 are experimental force sensors, and some manufacturers produce double guide paper cutters, but their overall structure and performance are not as advanced and applicable as the paper cutters of Bora company. The paper cutter with double guide rail structure is very troublesome in adjusting the accuracy, and the price of changing the guide rail after wear is more expensive, but the operation accuracy of this kind of equipment is high. The accuracy adjustment of the paper cutter with dovetail groove structure is simple and convenient. After wear, it only needs to replace the stopper iron, but the accuracy is slightly lower. When choosing paper cutter, printing enterprises should choose double guide rail paper cutter or dovetail slot paper cutter according to their own needs and the actual situation of the products to be processed

3. Working efficiency and cutting accuracy

the working efficiency and cutting accuracy of the paper cutter is an aspect that printing enterprises think more about when purchasing paper cutters. In this regard, the microcomputer program-controlled paper cutter is much better than the ordinary paper cutter. The paper pusher of the ordinary paper cutter depends on the fine adjustment of the button and handwheel when moving forward and backward. The labor intensity of the operator is large and the work efficiency is low. The microcomputer program-controlled paper cutter optimizes the cutting process through programming, and the working efficiency is improved. While pursuing work efficiency, users also require the fastest cutting speed to cut products with higher dimensional accuracy. Therefore, at present, the more advanced paper cutting machines consumed in China have adopted the most advanced ball screw and linear guide rail in the world. Its characteristics are stable transmission, high positioning accuracy, small cumulative error, long-time work without adjusting the movement, which can meet the required clearance of different output, and eliminate the problem that the cutting accuracy is affected by the different wear levels of the screw rod and guide rail after using the ordinary screw rod and guide rail for a period of time in the past

4. Compared with the paper cutter of the same model, the energy consumption should also be compared in the applied power of the whole machine. Motor power is not only related to power consumption. Due to the reason of precision matching in the process of machine manufacturing and assembly, we have to choose a motor with high power, which is actually a method that cannot be handled in the process of machining and assembly

5. After sales service

when choosing a paper cutter, we should also make a comprehensive balance on the after-sales service of consumer manufacturers. In terms of the distribution of after-sales service points, a good manufacturer will certainly think about whether it can make customers get satisfactory service and technological support in the shortest time. The service quality from pre-sales, in-sales to after-sales is the detailed performance of the comprehensive ability of the paper cutting machine manufacturer

in addition, the following details should be paid attention to when applying the paper cutter

first is the choice of cutting edge angle. This is a very important part of cutting work. A good paper cutter should be equipped with a good blade and grinding process. However, many paper cutter users often neglect this point. As a result, the blade grinding mode, method and angle are wrong, resulting in insufficient cutting accuracy. What is more serious is that the impact force in cutting increases, which leads to the loosening and even fracture of the safety screw, and finally forms mechanical damage

in addition, the range of paper cutter cutting data is becoming wider and wider, and different problems will be encountered in the process of cutting to create a new place for people to relax. For example, aluminum foil labels and carbon free carbon paper forms are easy to show indentation during cutting, while PVC and magnetic cards will show that the paper presser cannot be pressed during cutting, resulting in waste products. These problems can be solved by adjusting the pressure of the paper presser through the automatic pressure reducing valve, improving the blade grinding angle, blade material (such as high-speed steel) and cutting transmission system

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