Precautions when connecting the hottest clamp

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Precautions for clamp connection

1. Factors affecting installation quality

(1) the clamp shall not have defects such as pores, sand holes, shrinkage cracks, etc

(2) the material and performance of the sealing ring must meet the requirements, and the sealing surface must not have bubbles, impurities, cracks, uneven concave and convex defects, and aging rubber rings cannot be used

(3) the moving distance of the snap ring in the clamp is theoretically half of the expansion amount of the joint, and the actual amount should be measured. If it cannot be reached, it cannot meet the expansion amount requirements of the pipeline. In order to promote the sealing effect, the left and right end pipes are matched with the clamps before leaving the factory. In actual projects, it is not suitable to use ordinary pipes to directly replace the end pipes. Moreover, there are certain requirements for the perpendicularity of the end face of the end pipe and the axis and the flatness of the end face itself. If the size is not standard, the expansion and contraction of the joint will be greatly reduced, which cannot meet the use requirements

(4 utilization of composite materials and titanium alloy materials) in the final analysis, the size of the end pipe diameter should be selected with a positive deviation, otherwise the compression force of the clamp on the sealing ring is not enough, which will affect the sealing effect of the joint

2. Precautions during installation

(1) control the distance L between the snap ring and the end tube. The control of l should be combined with the manual. When the gap between the two pipe ends is the smallest, ensure that the snap ring just sticks to the inclined plane

(2) in the case of playing an increasingly important role in determining the location of the snap ring for extending the service life, the size of the gap between the two pipe ends should be determined by calculation according to the elongation of the pipe and the ambient temperature during construction. The size deviation shall be ensured during construction

(3) on the premise of a certain moving distance, the greater the error of the height and width of the weld seam between the snap ring and the end pipe and the perpendicularity of the snap ring plane and the end pipe axis, the smaller the expansion of the joint and the worse the use effect

(4) the splashing impurities during the welding of end pipe and snap ring affect the sealing of end pipe. Before installation, remove the welding slag on the sealing surface to ensure the sealing effect

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