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Precautions in the operation of conventional rotary cultivators

I. check all parts before use, especially whether the rotary cultivator is installed reversely and whether the fixing bolts and universal joint locking pins are firm. Use them only after confirmation. When checking the rotary cultivator, the power must be cut off first. When replacing rotating parts such as blades, the tractor must be turned off

II. Before starting the tractor, turn the clutch handle of the rotary cultivator to the disengaged position, and the result will not be counted. Connect the power in the lifting state. The unit can start only after the rotary cultivator reaches the predetermined speed, and slowly lower the rotary cultivator to make the rotary cultivator dig into the soil. It is strictly forbidden to start directly when the rotary tiller is in the soil to prevent damage to the rotary tiller and related parts. It is strictly forbidden to descend the rotary cultivator rapidly, and it is strictly forbidden to reverse and turn after the rotary cultivator is buried

III. when the power is not cut off at the turning of the headland, the rotary cultivator shall not be raised too high, the transmission angle at both ends of the universal joint shall not exceed 30 degrees, and the engine speed shall be reduced appropriately. When transferring plots or walking long distances, the power of the rotary cultivator should be cut off and locked after it is raised to the highest position. IV. when the rotary tiller is running, no one is allowed to get close to the rotating parts, and no one is allowed behind the rotary tiller, so as to prevent the blade from throwing out and hurting people

v. during operation, if the cutter shaft is entangled with too much grass, stop and clean it in time to avoid increasing the load of machines and tools. During rotary tillage, the tractor and the suspension part are not allowed to take people, so as to prevent being accidentally injured by the rotary cultivator

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VI. the rotary cultivator is relatively large in volume, and there are many prominent parts of the body. When on the road, you should drive at a low speed and strictly abide by the road traffic rules, so as to avoid scratches, scratches, bumps and other accidents with the increasing requirements of modern social industries for products

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